Thursday, October 06, 2005

Some hands in the bubble

This Monday in the PS $150 NL tournament, there were 416 entrants. With about 47 players left, I had a healthy stack with about 24k, good for second at my table. Blinds were 400-800 with 50 ante and we were almost in the money, they paid 45 places, but at the time, I have not noticed this. I have ATc in the BB; Premier, a good online player, raised to 3200 in MP and a 15k stack, folded to me, and I decided to see the flop calling the 2400. The flop came Kc6c4h; so I had the nut flush draw, against some other player maybe I'd go for the check raise, but against him, I don't want him to be commited to call with his 99 or JJ, so I decided to bet the flop big enough, so he knows there is no fold equity at all, I bet about 5.5k, and he raised to 12k all in, of course I called, he had AK and no club came to recue me. So, I'm down to 9k chips. Very next hand I have 44 in the SB, I still have enough chips, but I'm in the post-big-pot-just-lost mode, and I want my chips back, a terrible mistake of course, EP calls the 800 and Premier raises again to 3200, I decided to play a big pot and reraise all in to 9k; I was not concerned about the EP. since he used to limp, but I should know that Premier is calling me for sure, and 44 is in terrible shape about his possible range. As soon as I went all in, the hand by hand screen is shown, damm it, I then realized my mistake, not precisely because of the bubble, but the bubble made the mistake just a little bigger. EP folded and Premier of course called with 99. Flop was 643, and maybe my PS curse is gone (yeah right!); I saw the turn and the river and didnt see a 9, I was happy, until I saw the chips moving in Premier's direction, what the hell, no 9, no flush board !!, but then I realized that the last 2 cards were 6,6 ; so he had a bigger full house. Fortunately, somebody with less chips decided to go broke in the same hand and I was out in 45th place, the poker Gods gave me a $250 gift despite my mistake. Of course you need to be aggressive in the bubble; but this is just a good example of stupid aggression.

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Roman said...

The Poker Gods!!!! It reminded me of the "Vibra" that was one of the domino's gods, or the "vibra sexual" that was like Ala for Jehova, the good to the evil heheheheheh, david i just wanted to salute you, see if you remembered me, and to congratulate you on your excellent september playing.

Lastima lo de esa ultima mano pero ya habra otros torneos, cuidate mucho