Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bahamas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I'm just on fire and things keep going well. This Monday I won a double shootout that awarded a Bahamas package to play in the WPT event worth $12,000. There were 81 players, 9 tables with 9 players each. The buy in was $175. You have to win your table in order to advance to the final table, and then win the final table to get the $12000 package. The first table was ok, when I was heads up I have a 2-1 advantage, this guy was going all in just a little too much; I just waited for him, one hand I have A9 and I didnt call his all in preflop, I decided to do it, when he went all in with a flop 367, and I have K7, he has 65; so I was the favorite, but a 4 came on the turn, and now he had a 2-1 chip lead. I slowly take the lead again, and then wait again until he made a big mistake. He went all in with 88 vs my AA and I was in the final table.
As usual in the DS the final table is pretty tough. My friend Jordan (iMsoLuckyO), one of the best young internet players in the world was there and with position over me. So, I have to play carefully. Fortunatelly, a guy decided to overplay his AQ vs my QQ, and after that I played a very good game with just the right amount of agression. I busted out Jordan in the process, when I raised in the button with Q7h and he went all in with 33 in the LB, I had to call because the raise was not big enough and floped a 7. When we were heads up, I have 8k vs 5k of my opponent, I offered him $3,000 to surrender, but he wanted the package, so we played a very carefully heads up game. I increase my lead really slowly but consistently, in the last hand, I had KJ in a QT3 flop, he bet and I raised him all in, he called with AK, but a 9 in the turn give me the straight and the package. I'm really excited to play this WPT tournament. It will be held in the Atlantis resort in Bahamas next January. I was there last time, and it's such a wonderful place. Playing poker in Paradise with your love ones, what else could you ask for !!!!!!!!

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