Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Cheating Society and the Cheating Archives

I have been involved in so many discussions on poker tournament cheating in the 2+2 forums (mainly on MTT). Some of the discussions have been really amusing, legendary, but most of them are just sad. I have always cared about the integrity of the game, but it's just too hard when so many of the top tournament players condone, endorse or just don't care about these cheating issues. I almost give up, I don't post anymore on the MTT forum on 2+2, mainly because I'm pretty disappointed with the reaction of the regulars toward this issue; same reason I just didn't post any more since long time ago on the Pocket Fives forums, back then, looked like 2+2 people used to care and condemn these practices, not anymore, so many cheating scandals. But why the young poker studs would be any different living on this pro-cheating society with all the sports, politics, corporation scandals, where it does not matter how you succeed, whatever it takes, looks like the path is not important anymore, no matter how many rules you broke, the important (and cool) thing is to get the money, fame, power. Sometimes playing poker I just feel like all those MLB players who work their ass to compete, but in reality will never have a chance with equally talented but steroid enhanced players. Hey, but we still make good money to have a decent living.

Just in case you have some hundreds of hours to kill, here are some of the legendary threads on this topic for your amusement:

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Anonymous said...

Very Good Post, guess online poker is so rigged that even the PROS do it!!

Ali said...

Interesting post..