Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hedging on those mediocre Ravens

Just when I was about to give up on my NFL bets (yeah right), I decided to tease again this Sunday MIN,TEN,IND,HOU,SEA and DEN. All my teasers covered and I won like 26 bets (26-0) and I recovered all the loses from previous weeks and win some. The Indy game was Sunday night, so about 11 of my teasers were depending on IND -2.5, that is, I could finish 15-11 or 26-0. I decided against my gambling nature and decided to hedge the game betting BAL +10, so if Indy didn't cover, at least I would win some with the Baltimore bet, but if Indy cover by 10+, I lost the amount I bet on Baltimore and win the 11 teasers, and I could still win both bets (teasers and BAL+10), if Indy win by 3-9 points; basically I wanted to reduce variance, since the jump from 15-11 to 26-0 was pretty steep. Well, Indy won by 24 points and it was really painful to watch those mediocre Ravens, instead of feeling like a responsible gambling guy by minimizing variance and assuring a good profit, I felt like I just wasted that money I bet on the Ravens, I waited until the last minute before kickoff to make the bet, I just wanted to let it ride my IND -2.5, but decided to assure a good profit, not a bad move at all, but I feel cheated by those Ravens, I mean, I don't care if they win or lose, but I do care if they DON'T PLAY. How the hell a Pro Sports team can play so differently from one week (versus the Patriots) to the next (versus the Colts). The answer is mediocrity, I already have them pegged as mediocre because they played so good versus the Patriots (why don't they play like that every week?), and the mediocrity level was just confirmed with their terrible performance versus the Indy Colts at Baltimore. No heart at all, no desire to win, no respect for the fans, nothing, man, these are pro athletes, maybe too much money may them forget what is to play your heart out EVERY WEEK, no matter who are you playing, no matter your position, always play to win.
Despite those Ravens, it was a wonderful weekend on Sports Betting coming back to the good side of variance.


Anonymous said...

sometimesthe refs in the nfl have to much control., but after that loss to the patriots the ravens really have nothing to play for. and as of now the colts are the second best team in the nfl. i really think the colts can win the afc championship in new england.

Anonymous said...

New England didn't play that well against the Ravens. Also, the Ravens were very deflated from that heart breaking loss. Certainly understandable loss. Besides the Colts are awesome.