Thursday, December 13, 2007

Teasing early this week

Today we have a NFL game, Denver-Houston, and the line moved today so HOU became a good teaser team, so I decided to act fast and have the following teams on teasers:
HOU +8.5
CIN -2.5
GB -2.5
SEA -1
Seattle is not a teasing team yet, but I think the line will move to -7.5, so I decided to take the better line now.


FJB. said...

Very cool your blog!!!!!
Poker is great!!! I love. \o/
You could write in spanish too, sometimes...

David (sirio11) said...

Si, deberia escribir mas posts en Español, oh well

pinatamike said...

hey david,

whats up? glad to hear you're doing well in poker still. remember russia trip? when you coming to play poker with us in costa rica??



David (sirio11) said...

hey Mike,

Glad to hear from you. How is living at Costa Rica?
I'll go play there as soon as I receive an invitation, haha, something like the Russia's deal will work :)


pinatamike said...


i just got back from big poker tourney in costa rica, panama, and medellin, colombia. email me your number so i can call u and get caught up.