Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Superbowl and the pursuit of perfection, New England and what could have been.

This Sunday was the Superbowl, the biggest event on TV each year. The New England Patriots (18-0, at the moment) and heavy favorites were to play the New York Giants, an otherwise semi mediocre team, who turned things around in the playoffs. New England was about to make sports history, it will be remembered for ever if they won, but fate and the Giants had different plans. NE lost 17-14, NY was the better team this Sunday, NE just could not decipher them and everybody at the end but the NY fans were like "What the hell just happened?". Mr. Perfection Tom Brady looked very human, Eli Manning was playing over his head all postseason and this Sunday was no different. There was an incredible play in the 4th quarter between Eli Manning and David Tyree, a miraculous scape from the New England Defense by Eli and after that a miraculous catch by David Tyree, the type of catch which defies physics and logic, It was THE PLAY of the game, after that play, even I really wanted the Pats to win, I kind of knew it was over. A Plaxico Burress reception for a TD with about 30 seconds left sealed the game and shocked the sports world. I had mixed feelings, I really wanted the perfect season by New England, but NY played with all heart those final minutes of the game and they deserved to win.
For me, it was the end of my sports betting career (at least for now) my SB bankroll is gone, thanks to the unlikely postseason by the giants (I bet against them every game) and the choking of the Indianapolis Colts versus San Diego, game that cost me a lot since I had so many teasers depending on it. I had pretty bad luck betting on Sports last month and it's time to concentrate just in poker. I still think there's money to be made betting on sports, but until I have a good bankroll for it, I'll stay away from sports betting. I kind of feel like the NE Patriots, a little depressed, dreams shattered, but there is always chance for redemption and the new season is coming. Perfection is pretty hard, hell, being pretty good is pretty hard; but we as humans aim for it. Evolution demands it, we can't help it.

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