Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Year !!!! Living NOW

New year usually means new resolutions, and that is almost always good since it's one of the ways of stopping and looking at your life from a different angle. I'm optimistic about this year, I have some resolutions but these can be done or not, the important thing is to maintain the fire, to live and everything (at least most of the important things that really matter) will come.

Probably what I'm about to write it's a cliche, but I'm still want to share it anyway.

Without a doubt we'll all die, nobody will remember us years after we die; the universe has been here without us for billions of years and for sure it can exist without us for a few billion more.

Still, the most important moment is NOW

Why do we keep forgetting this and living plenty of unhappy/lifeless/mediocre moments?