Sunday, March 04, 2007

Agnostic gambling: February tournament report

February was my best poker month in a while. I had a 66% in the money in Poker Stars tournaments and 33% final table appearances, haha what a month in Stars. Of course I played exactly 3 tournaments in Poker Stars all month.
I played 13 tournaments total in February, since I played 10 tournaments at Mansion (one of the benefits of living in the border). There (Mansion) I had a 10% in the money and 10% final table (1 out of 10).

So, pretty good month, played 13 tournaments, cashed 3 times, with 2 final tables. Most importantly I had a whopping 1400% ROI. Yuhuuuu!!!

The 10 mansion tournaments ($100 buy in) had around 500-600 people each, I made a final table and won around $3500.

My 3 Poker Stars results as you can check in this pretty good database site were:

PS $162 NLH, 16 out of 922 for $1,037
PS $162 NLH, 1005 out of 1017 for $0
PS $215 NLH, 5 out of 2053 for $18,354.

The 5th place was in one of the $200 Sunday tournaments on Stars, the "Warm up" one. It's my best result in a while, I don't know why I didn't even post it here, probably because I don't care too much about this blog nowadays, but here is the tournament results picture:

This is the first time I make a final table in one of the big $200 Sunday tournaments at Stars. I had made the final 2 tables several times before, but never the final table. Now I just need to win one.
So, I won more than $20k in 13 tournaments, which is pretty cool. The funny thing is that Poker was a distant 2nd or 3rd place of my job activities during February. Maybe that's the answer for variance. You want to have good poker results?, then go and do something else, just don't care about poker and the results will come. There you have it, the recipe for tournament poker success !!

Is this month a great thing?. Meh, not really, I still hate poker, variance sucks !!!

10 more months like this one, and I may consider forgiving the Poker Gods and come back to the belief there's a poker heaven. Until then, I'll continue with my agnostic gambling.