Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A difficult fold in a Final Table

This was an interesting hand I played in the Final Table of the Sunday $200+15 Stars Warm-Up:

5 players left

Payouts: 5th is 18k, 4th is 23k, 1st is 80k

Stacks are between 2 Million and 5M

Blinds are 100k-200k with 10k ante

BodogAri is in the button with around 2.3M

I'm in the CO with around 3.1M

Both blinds cover us.

I open to 600k with AT

Ari reraises to 1.9M leaving himself with 400k (basically AI)

Your move?

I have played many tournaments with Ari before, including some final tables. I knew he knew I was calling his raise because of the size of my raise and my chip count, so he knew his FE (fold equity) was almost zero. So basically he should have a good hand and his move was legit. I thought for a while, didn't like my AT and folded.

Any comments?

Monday, April 23, 2007

It's update time !!

I think this is the longest I have gone without writing anything in the blog. I spent all night playing 5-10 NL and did pretty well, so, I'm happy and ready to write something.

It should be easy to write a post every day, I write plenty of posts in the 2+2 forums, so, from now on, I'll simply copy and paste some of my posts from 2+2 if I don't have something new to add to the blog.

One of my last posts in the 2+2 forums was the following:

You'll die in 6 hours

"With all my experience in life; it looks to me that everybody lives like they will never die; in practice, everybody thinks is immortal. When you think about death, you think about it like something that is going to happen in a very distant future. But what about if you know you're dying today.

Suppose you know you will die in 6 hours (In order to make the experiment interesting you really need to imagine it, picture it, you're dying !!). What would you do? How will you spend those last 6 hours? and why? "

Pretty interesting responses so far, if you want to take the time and read them over there, and of course it would be nice if you post your response here in the blog (If there's anybody left who reads this blog)

About poker, these last days I've been taking shots at 5-10 NL, I've already taken shots at 1-2, 2-4 and 3-6, so, what the hell, why not 5-10?, well, the reason I shouldn't "It's the bankroll, stupid"; so far I've done well at all the levels, but of course not enough hands played to know for sure if I don't suck, you know me, I just can't put the hours, that's one of my principal problems as a poker player.

About tournaments, I played exactly ZERO, NADA, in March, so, I decided to make a bet for April with some internet friends from 2+2, the proposition was something like:

"PROP Sirio to have a April winning month on tournaments played on Stars and Full Tilt (they must be easily traceable, by OPR for example). Minimum to have action on the YES is 30 tourneys. If I play less than 30 tourneys, the NO wins, doesn't matter if I won the Sunday Million or whatever."

Grafyx, a pretty good tournament player took the bet, so I have a $400 bet with him, I need to play at least 30 tournaments with buy-ins higher to $50 (he needs to play 50) in April and have a winning month. I think I'm on pace to do both, play the 30 tourneys and win $$ on the month. So far I've played 17 tournaments on Poker Stars and 6 tourneys on Full Tilt, with 1 week still to go, it must be easy to satisfy the quota, and since I already have 2 final tables, I think the $$ thing is also done.

You can check my stats on OPR:

sirio11 Poker Stars
sirio11 Full Tilt

2 final tables in 23 tourneys, I got 9th in the big Sunday Second chance on Stars ($200+15), and 3rd in a $75 tourney on Full Tilt:

Pretty disappointing finishes (Are there any other kind?) with my usual bad beats on key hands in the final table, AcJc vs Kc9c with 10 left in the Stars and 33 vs 22 in the Full Tilt with 4 left; but at least I'm winning money, and I'm playing !!!.

So, that's it for today, let's hope I'll write an entry every day again. Blogging is easy, blogging is easy, blogging is easy, blogging is easy, blogging is easy, blogging is easy, blogging is easy, ........, if I repeat it enough times, I'll believe it, ha. Just do it.