Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A difficult fold in a Final Table

This was an interesting hand I played in the Final Table of the Sunday $200+15 Stars Warm-Up:

5 players left

Payouts: 5th is 18k, 4th is 23k, 1st is 80k

Stacks are between 2 Million and 5M

Blinds are 100k-200k with 10k ante

BodogAri is in the button with around 2.3M

I'm in the CO with around 3.1M

Both blinds cover us.

I open to 600k with AT

Ari reraises to 1.9M leaving himself with 400k (basically AI)

Your move?

I have played many tournaments with Ari before, including some final tables. I knew he knew I was calling his raise because of the size of my raise and my chip count, so he knew his FE (fold equity) was almost zero. So basically he should have a good hand and his move was legit. I thought for a while, didn't like my AT and folded.

Any comments?


Anonymous said...

I saw it in action, I thought it was a fold too.
I don't think he is doing that raise with AX or KQ. I can see him doing it with 99, 88 even 77, but I don't think his range let's you do the call.
I guess I would put him in:
66-KK, AJ-AK.
Even AA might be included since he knows you pretty much would call with anything there.

Posdata: Se me olvido mi password, por eso escribo "anonymous"

Anonymous said...

too weak