Monday, February 26, 2007

Handicapping the Oscars

Pretty good night in general, just disappointed by Cars and Pan's. Specially Pan's, it's pretty difficult to understand how a foreign language movie win 3 Oscars and can't win the foreign language category, just weird, but I kind of see this coming, and that was the reason I didn't bet a lot in Pan's Labyrinth despite the fact it was the movie I liked the most last year. I think The Departed won just because of Scorsese, I'm still happy for him, since he's a great director and has several masterpieces (The Departed not being one of them). I think The Departed won't be remembered as a great movie with the years and Pan's Labyrinth will stand the test of time. It's such a wonderful film.

I won like 28 units in the Oscars, and with the 35 units I won in the Golden Globes; that's a pretty good 63 units from movie awards season.

I think I'm a professional movie awards handicapper now, who the hell needs poker :) .

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