Sunday, February 25, 2007

My Oscar bets

These are the bets I placed all over for the Oscars:

Best Picture:

Babel: 5.7 units to win 21.5 units
The Departed: 7.4 units to win 10.02 units

If Babel, I win 14.14 units; if Departed I win 4.5 units; any other I lose 13 units.

Best Actor:

Forrest Whitaker: 25.15 units to win 5.65 units

Best Actress:

Mirren: 10 units to win 0.5 units

Best Supporting Actor:

Alan Arkin: 3 units to win 9.8 units
Eddie Murphy: 5.1 units to win 4 units

If Arkin, I win 4.7 units; If Murphy, I win 1 unit; any other I lose 8.1 units.

Best Supporting Actress:

Jennifer Hudson: 31.3 units to win 7.85 units

Best Director:

Martin Scorsese: 20 units to win 4 units

Best Foreign Language Film:

Pan's Labyrinth: 4 units to win 1 unit

Best Adapted Screenplay:

The Departed: 3.35 units to win 1 unit

Best Animated feature:

Cars: 11.64 units to win 4.4 units

Best Live Action Short Film:

West Bank Story: 4 units to win 20 units
Binta y la gran idea: 5 units to win 7.85 units

If West Bank Story, I win 15 units; if Binta I win 3.85 units; any other, I lose 9 units.

Best case scenario: I win 58 units
Worst case scenario: I lose 125.7 units

All this based in my analysis in the post below.

Go West Bank Story !!!
Go Babel !!!!

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