Wednesday, December 05, 2007

So close ...... AGAIN

Since I'm being killed with my NFL teasers and some other sports bets, I decided to come back to the tourney variance !!!, such a ridiculous life we gamblers live, winning and losing big amounts of money (and some sense of reality); so, since the dark side of variance came back in sports, I decided to play some tourneys, after the $300 I played on November 28th, I decided to play this past Sunday all the big ones, I couldn't, I just played a $55 satellite, lost with a full house and got all mad, and decided to watch my loved NFL games instead.
Yesterday the PATS (aka the best football team ever) made me lose some more teasers I had with them and I got all mad and decided to play today some tourneys. Today (Tuesday) I played a $100, and the 2 big ones on PokerStars, the $150+12 and the $1000 Super Tuesday, I lost fast in the $100 and did pretty well in the other two, this is if the definition of doing well it's getting to the final 2 tables on both. I got 16th out of 313 in the $1000, and 15th out of 912 in the $150, my total winnings for such feat, just $3,686 !!, so close to the big money, once again, once again, yadayada ... I think I played pretty well on both, got lucky on the $150 and got unlucky on the $1000 (1st prize was 70K).
If I'm not mad by tomorrow I'll post some hands, the usual final hand badbeat ones, and some others with actual poker content. Meh, who am I kidding? Most probably I won't post nada, but it's nice to think I will do it.

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