Monday, October 31, 2005

Last week: 2 faces

First of all, I know I need to write more in the blog, I'll do my best to do it.

Last week had two faces, between Monday and Saturday, I just played 6 tourneys; made the money in 3 of them, damm, I made 3 final tables, winning the $150 Stars on Monday, 7th on Paradise $30R on Thursday and 2nd on the $150 Stars on Friday, on Sunday I played 7 tournaments and went 0 for 7. Yes, Sundays suck. Not really, it's just the nature of the game, from Monday to Saturday I was winning my coinflips and no badbeats at all. This Sunday I barely won a coinflip and had some terrible beats. Despite the variance, I think I made some mistakes on Sunday; one of the most important was to play too many tournaments at once, I was playing 4 or 5 at the same time, and 2 of them were rebuys in the first hour , so the pace is different. I think it's most important to concentrate in the tourneys you're playing, it's hard to improve if you're playing on autopilot; no room to analyze, maybe, once you are a decent player, you should play 2, maybe at most 3 tournaments. Another mistake I remember was in the $250 Rebuys EmpirePoker, a player in EP raised t0 700 and I rereaised to 2100 with AK, he called. Flop came 832, he checked and I checked, turn a 3, he bet 1500, I had like 3100 left, and instead of folding I went for the allin raise; a big mistake, since of course he's calling me almost all the time; he had QQ and no river help; but that's the problem when you're making decisions in too many tournaments at the same time. Today October ends, even if I don't cash today, October it's already my best internet month ever. I'll post all my October results tomorrow.

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