Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A good start in October

After the espectacular September I had, October started well. I made the money this Saturday in the Party Poker $200k guaranteed, 81st place out of 1194, of course it was kind of dissapointed because I had a good stack with 100 players left, but I think I played great. On Sunday, October 2nd, I played all the big ones, no luck in Party and Stars, but I made the final table again in the 100k guaranteed $200 buy in, in Paradise, the one I won 3 weeks ago, some. There were 2 controversial decisions I made in this tournament; both times I needed to call all in a very large bet with relation to the pot; both times I decided to call and both times I won. The first one was with the blinds 15-30, a player under the gun calls, small blind calls and I check in the big blind with Kd8c. Flop came Td8d3d, I bet 70 into the 90 pot, and UTG went all in !!!! with about 1600, now decision time, I always try to think that my opponents are acting with some logic, playing bad, playing good, but with logic; in this case, a big made flush didn't make any sense since the bet was so big, a little flush could be possible, but did he call UTG with little flush cards?. My main concern was that he had something like AdTh, and then I was in really bad shape if I call, but since he didn't think too much to make the all in bet, to me looked like an afraid bet, and since he just limped UTG before the flop, I thought this guy had a big pair with no diamonds. So, if he had QQ, I was a clear favorite, if he has AA, we were 50-50, so I decided to call and try to accumulate chips, he had AsAc and it was a coin flip; one of my outs came, an 8, and I doubled up early. After thinking a little more about the play, probably it was a fold. Later I was in the small blind with AKh, blinds 100-200, ante 25 and a 3100 stack. A player in middle position goes all in before the flop for 5k, mmmmmmmm, what's up with these guys just playing all in preflop?, well, again I decided to call, he had JJ and I won the flip. Going into the money and once near the final table, I think I played a great aggressive style, but still lost some all ins along the way and came to the final table with a short stack. I keep playing careful aggression (if there's such thing, but I hope you understand what I mean), and build my stack to a pretty good level, I was 2nd in chips playing 6 handed when the following hand came; a short stack limped UTG, the small blind complete and I checked with JT. Flop came QJT, great, small blind checked, the blinds were so big related to our stacks, so I decided to go all in, hoping UTG had AA, but UTG folded and SB instantly called, damm!!, he must have a real hand, he had K9 for a floped straight, and no help for me in the turn and river, and since he was the 3rd place at the moment, I was really crippled and have to go all in in the next hand with 74s in the small blind and lost to Q7 in the BB. 6th place good for about $5300 and I have no complains.


netox said...

ni hablar !!
La verdadad esta chido el blog en los 2 idiomas.

You will have more participants, and more comments!!!

Enrique Treviño said...

Tournament 10+1NL
I have 22 on the cutoff everybody has around 1500 chips, I have 2000
The blinds are 15-30
3 limpers I call on the cut off with 22, the button limps, both blinds are in.

Flop AK2 rainbow pot 180
Checked to me
I bet 90, a blind and two other players call.
Pot now 360 + 180 = 540

Turn 9
check-check, next player bets 30 I raise to 330. Only he calls

River 9 (no flushes out there)
He bets something tiny 150.
He has 1350 behind him I have like 1600 more.
I raise to 600
He instantly calls.

Should I have gone all in?

David (sirio11) said...

No, I like the bet in the river. Maybe you should have bet a little more in the flop.