Saturday, March 04, 2006

One hand in the offense: Bay 101

Variance has too many ways to show up, having too many second best hands and rarely being paid off when you have the best hand is just one way to do it. My WPT events have had a lot of this, seems like I'm always playing on the defensive side, I can't remember the last time I made a set, straight or flush in a WPT; less alone being paid off.
In the WPT Bay 101; the only hand I made and I was paid off was the following one:

Blinds 150-300 and 50 ante; I'm in the BB with AJ and a 21k stack; Edward Moncada with a 60k stack raises to 900 and I call. Edward and I have some history, we played together for 2 days in the WSOP $2k Pot Limit Holdem 2005; we both made the Final Table, I got 3rd and he won the tournament. I respect his game a lot; he's a very good player.

The flop came J35, and I decided to go for the check-raise; maybe this was a mistake because Edward has a good mix of doing continuation bets, this time he checked.

The card in the turn was a good one, an A, and now I lead the 2400 pot with a 2000 bet, he called fairly quick.

The river card was a 7, that does not scare me much, I was almost positive he had an A; so I decided to make a good value bet; the maximum he was willing to call, so I bet 5000, he called and I won with my 2 pairs; he showed AQ.

For me the best play I made in this hand was the last 5k bet, I think for a player like Edward it's pretty hard to get maximum value for your hand; and with the 2k bet in the turn and the 5k bet in the river I think I did it. A case can be made about a check raise in the turn or river, but he's folding for sure and I don't get maximum value.


matt said...

this comment is regarding the "ethical issues" post, more specifically the thread on racism (just figured I'd post under the latest entry)...I read the entire 2+2 thread. I have to agree with the following:

"I just think Online Poker is the wrong venue for trying to improve race relations."

You're a Mexican-American living in Texas, now I'm going to do some stereotyping of members of my own race who call that state home: the white population there is, in my opinion, as a whole pretty insufferably nativist and backwards. So, even though you're in the relative liberal bastion of Austin, I'm sure you've encountered your share of racism in face-to-face encounters. When you have, did you have the courage to stand up to it? Do you work to combat it in, eh, more significant ways than starting a thread on a poker website? If you're so concerned, then maybe you should devote a portion of your life to leading the crusade against racism. Because, well, real life, that's where meaningful dialogue and ACTION can occur...go fight for the migrant farm workers in Cali, go join a strike of minimum wage workers who may (or may not) be predominantly Mexican American...that's what matters. Otherwise, your e-mails ring hollow. I say this as a person who is guilty of similar inaction for causes I support in my heart...and I too spend quite a bit of time in poker rooms, both real and virtual. I rationalize it by saying I'm only biding my time, fuck, I'm still an undergraduate, I can give this up after graduation. But, I'm not so sure I can. And thus my conclusion, rife with irony: the online poker craze is as problematic to American society as racism is (as of now, 2006...yes, there has been SOME progress and upward mobility; I foresee full Mexican-American assimilation relatively soon, I think their experience in the 21st century will be rather similar to that of Italian Americans in the 20th century). You may feel that you were victimized by unethical bigotry at the poker table, but if we were truly living out lives the right way would we even be in such situations? Would we be looking to take the ignorant educated soldier's money as we take the moral high road with him? You do it professionally, I often aspire to do it professionally, consider myself more than capable of doing it professionally...but until we address the underlying issue of the ethics of poker, I don't see how we are fit to complain about anything that happens during the course of a game of poker. It's analagous to a patron getting unjustly shot at a strip club...he was wronged, fine, but his moral clout is limited by the fact he was there in the first place.

I say all this as a white middle class Roman Catholic registered Socialist poker player with all sorts of ambition and human weaknesses...flawed as anyone is

Post a response, I'll check back

matt, junior at University of Buffalo, "cutthemullet" on Pstars

Anonymous said...

great post man. i agree with the tone that online poker is the wrong venue for trying to improve race relations. but anyways, you make a good points and well written.

Tito Santana said...

Hi David,
Im a former WWF wrester from the 1980's. Im also mexican-american and I was just browsing the web and found your site. Im just getting the poker bug. But anyways, I just wanted to thank you for bringing awareness to racism and bigotry. We need more wonderful young men like yourself to help out our people. Keep it up, ARIBA!

neeko said...

the tito santana? dude u rock!! I am also mex-ameri and am glad us latinos r making names for ourselves. I always dream of being some sort of MLK jr or Quannel X for the latino community. If I ever get my poker winnings up. I plan on establishing a online portal for all latino men. Young and old, so we can feed off our ideas and at the same time recieve guidence from our elders. Sorry for the rant, but when i read good things of my raza me estimulo.


and thanks for keeping us updated david

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