Sunday, March 12, 2006

Tournament Sunday

The lineup for today is:

All times are MST

12:00 Bodog $100+9
14:30 PokerStars $200+15
14:30 PartyPoker $200+15
15:00 Paradise $200
16:00 FullTilt $200+16

Other tournaments I may play

12:00 PokerRoom $300+20
13:00 UB $500+30
19:00 UB $200+15
17:30 PS $100+9 Rebuys
20:00 PP $150+12

I have like 20 mins to decide if I want to play the PR tourney. I'd like to play the UB tourneys, but the site is a mess these days, so they're a long shot; the $100R at Stars is a good tourney, but I want to study something I read from Gambling Theory about rebuys, so the chances of playing this are 50-50. The Party $150+12 looks like a good tourney, if I'm not on tilt by then, chances are 80-20 I'll be playing it.

Updates coming !!

1:00PM I decided to play the UB $500 and skip the PR $300. I'm still alive in the Bodog one, I made a good fold in the river with T9h and a KT9 flop, the guy showed me QJ after my fold.

1:30PM Double up in UB, some raiser in UTG+2, I called with AQs in UTG+3, flop came AA8, he made a continuation bet of 200, I just called, J in the turn, he bet like 380, I called again, Q on the river and he bet 1100 and have another 900 left, I put him all in and he called with KT. You never know if you really want to hit the river :)

2:10PM Lost half my stack in UB. 20-40 blinds, UTG raises to 80, EP raises to 300, LP calls, I have JJ in the button and decided to find out where is everybody and raise to 1000, UTG folds, EP folds, but LP decided to go all in for 1100 more, I know he does not have AA-QQ, his most possible holding is AK and of course I called. He had indeed AK, and I lost the race.

2:30PM Out from Bodog, I open raise in the CO with KT, button called, flop came K73 and that was it, he had KJ. Almost out from UB also, I lost another chunk with AQ on a Q23 flop versus another guy AA. I call this, "the bad luck of the marginal holdings".

2:40PM Double up early in the Stars 1 Million, after some limpers, I called with K4s, like 5 people to see the flop. Flop came KhJh3s , checked to me, I bet 100, button and BB called. 2s in the turn, I bet now 320 and button called. River was the 7s and I have the 2nd nut flush, I bet 1000 and he went all in !!!, I called and he had KJ. He played that hand pretty bad.

2:50PM Out from UB, went all in with TT versus AK and I lost yet another flip. I think sometimes the difference between being a good player and a great player it's just your "ability" to win coinflips.

3:30PM Out from Stars, Blinds 50-100, I raised in the CO to 300 with JTh, button called, he has been pretty active, playing a lot of pots. Flop came KsJc2c , I ckecked, I knew he was betting, he bet 500 and I went all in for 2700 more. He tought for a while and finally called with AJ !!! . Nice call I guess, the kind of play you don't know if the guy is a genius or a lucky guesser.

3:30 PM Exactly at the same time I went out in Stars, in Paradise I raised t0 120 with 66 in the button, guy in the SB reraised to 300 and he had like 700 more, I called. Flop came AK6, nice, but he checked, mmmm, I was worried he had QQ-TT and folded if I bet here, so I checked behind, 9 on the turn and he went all in and I called, no problem, he had 99, arghhhh.

4:00 PM Not playing the FullTilt, still in the Paradise and Party ones, I have a good stack in Party with 24k.

4:40 PM Down to 2k in Paradise after losing another flip AQ-99. Up to 32k in Party.

5:00 PM Out from Paradise, and yes, you guessed it, I lost yet another coin flip, this time I reraised preflop with AK, was called by 55 and that was it. The only tournament I've had more than one all in preflop today was the bodog one, I think I won there a flip A9 versus 88. Down in Party to 25k but still in good shape.

6:10 PM Out from Party, I made the money, but this variance is just brutal. I went out AI preflop QQ-JJ. It's been like 3 months now, looks like every Sunday I'm just reporting bad beats in my blog. Oh well, this is the business we have chosen.


Anonymous said...

david: just found your blog after a friend copy pasted the 66 vs 99 hand. i was the villian there. if i remember right you only opened for 85 and i had about 1250 behind after my reraise... dunno if i like your call there but i think i had been playing pretty loose to that point so i can't really blame you. anyways it was pretty ugly the way it came out. one of your lost flips in that tourney was also my doing so uhh... sorry about that :)

sunday tourneys can be ugly. with the huge fields, "the long run" can be months or years. they're still super profitable though so i try to play them most weeks. yesterday i went 1 for 5 (barely cashed in stars). i was near the chiplead with about 200 left in dise but got setup twice in SB vs BB hands and lost a coinflip to finish me off. anyways, better luck to us both next week and sorry my first post on your blog is correcting you about how a hand went down :)


David (sirio11) said...

Hey schwah

I just found the hand in PT and it went like this.
I was in the button, you were in the SB. Blinds were 15-30 and I raised to 100 in the button with a 3160 stack, you had a 1500 stack and you reraised to 300 and have 1200 behind. My call here I think is automatic, since you don't really need a hand to reraise, because I'm in the BT and you may think I'm stealing. Besides I have position and you may fold in the flop. The flop came AK6, you checked and I checked. 9 in the turn and you bet 220, I miniraised to 440, you went all in and I called.
With your hand I most probably push preflop, because with the reraise to just 300, you give a chance to hands like KQ,KJ,QJ,KT,QT to see a flop, and you're not winning any more from them unless they hit.
Yes, the long run is pretty long, it's just a long wait between big scores, but they'll come. Glad to see you posting in my blog. It's not that hard I don't have all the details right in my Sunday hands, since I'm posting them by memory while playing like 3 tournaments.
Hopefully we have a huge score soon.

Anonymous said...

pushing nearly 50 BB to a 3.5x raise with 9s feels a little weird to me... you may be right though since putting in about 20% of my stack and then having to play out of position isnt much fun either.


David (sirio11) said...

I think it's a good play, specially with your hand, since a lot of times you will be called by smaller pairs that think you have AK,AQ or 22. If I have a hand that beats you i.e TT-AA I'm reraising you preflop anyways if you don't push. Are you folding preflop to a reraise?

AJ "The Triple Threat" Martino said...

Wow, looks like you play a lot of the bigger tournies all at once.

I try to stick with one or two on Party at a time and don't hit up the other sites.

But I'm still mostly playing the 20K and 40K guaranteed tournies.

I keep making the money out of 2,000 players, but for like 60 bucks here, 100 bucks there, 300 bucks over here.

I've taken 12th place twice now (two horrible coolers. I have Q/10 and see a flop of Q/10/6 and my opponent slowplayed Q/Q and the other the SB raises into me, I'm in the BB with A/Q and he had A/K)

And I took 28th when my A/A got rivered by K/K, ugh.

So instead of having a shot at first place prizes of 3-9 thousand dollars, I'm winning a few hundred bucks.

I understand your frustration, but you just have to realize you're a good player and keep plugging away, those final tables and big payouts will come, try not to let it discourage you.

raptor517 said...

welcome to my world david. now you see how it feels to truly have bad luck. i lost in the 500K on party last night, with my AA losing to QQ. i lost in the stars million by my AK to AQ. im not going to sit here and cry about it. but it sucks. just be happy that you ran good for a long time and at least you are a very rich guy. holla.

jason said...

Hell, you think your blog is peppered with bad beats, you should see mine!

Anonymous said...

Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site. Keep working. Thank you.