Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bad luck and bad play

Sometimes it's bad luck, but sometimes you're just playing terrible, let me show you 2 examples, my last hands in the Party and Stars $150 today.

This is bad luck:

Party $150+12:
With blinds 150-300, somebody miniraised to 600 in MP and a 11k stack, SB called and I decided to call with JT and a 3k stack. Flop came T73, SB checked, I thought about pushing here, but by checking I may win some more chips from the original raiser, so I checked, he didn't disappoint and bet 1800, which I didn't like since now he had to call my all in, SB folded, I went all in for 2600 or so, he called with 75c and I lost the 80% when a 7 came in the turn.

This is bad (terrible) play:

Stars $150+12
I was in the SB with A9 and a 2365 stack with 75-150 blinds. BT raised to 600 with a 3400 stack, I was going to push, but the raise to 4x made me think that he kind of liked his hand, so I decided to go for the stop and go, this is to call and then push in the flop, I called and the BB called. Flop came Q98, BT bet 750, I pushed, BB called with 98 and raiser called with QQ and I was out. Looks like my plan and play was ok, and it was just unfortunate they had a hand but here is the problem. Guy in the BT, was not BT, he was in the SB !!!, I wasn't in the SB, I was in the BB !! and guy in the BB wasn't in the BB, he was a limper UTG !!!
So, preflop, the original raiser was in the SB, so my plan does not make any sense, since the guy is raising without position versus a limper UTG and my A9 belongs to the muck. It was a terrible mistake because I didn't pay attention. But then in the flop, he bet first, obviously now I know he's not in the button since he's first to act, I realized my mistake, but still, despite the terrible flop for my hand, the action preflop and with still one person to act I decided to push; this play is gonna work once in a while when UTG has 77 and SB AK, but I think the play is bad in general. So I just played terrible this hand, I made 2 inexcusable mistakes.


AJ "The Triple Threat" Martino said...

had you been drinking? During that 2nd hand? :P

Ah well, no one plays perfectly all the time.

I saw a 2/7/Q flop from the BB with 2/7 and check-pushed and got called by Q/10 and he spiked his third Queen on the turn. I feel your pain on that luck factor thing.

Anonymous said...

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