Sunday, February 26, 2006

Online Sunday: Playing from Ventura

I'm back to online tourneys after 2 weeks of playing zero of them, nada, for some weird reason, I don't play much online when I'm traveling and playing WPT tourneys. I'm planning to play 5 or 6 tourneys today. Hopefully I'll have better luck than 2 weeks ago. I'm playing from my hotel room in Ventura, CA

1:30 (PST) I started playing the Stars $530 and the Party $378; this is my first tourney with Party's new structure. Looks like we have enough chips to play.

2:00 (PST) Paradise $200 starts. Party, down 40 4800 from the original 5000 chips; Stars up to 3200 from the original 2500. Here I think I should have won more in a pot with AA; but I played them like I was in the WPT. That's the problem with the mix.

2:10 (PST) Stars, back to 2600, lost an AI with 42c in a 542 flop vs AA, he limped before the flop. Party, up to 9600, we went AI in a J82 flop; I had QQ, he had KK and I sucked out with a Q in the river.

2:45 (PST) Out from Stars, I went AI with Ts8s in a Js9d2s flop, versus KK. I was a favorite, but none of my odds came. Down to 6k in Party after being up to 15k, I lost AIs with QQ-AA and 33-44. The 33 one was probably a mistake.

Out from Paradise and Party, I made the money in Party, 214th out of 2724.


Rico said...

Hola David,

Encontre tu blog por el Grind. Estimo mucho tu estilo de juego. Si me gustaria hacerte unas preguntas, si estas dispuesto. Vivo tambien en Texas, en Frisco, esta al Norte de Dallas. Mi email es


neeeeko said...

Keep up the great post David. I really enjoy reading them. I also I appreciate that your a Latino like myself. Cool to see more Latinos in the poker circuit. Hey, will you be at the 06 WSOP circuit in New Orleans?

David (sirio11) said...

Rico and Neeeko, just back home. Thanks for reading.

Rico: Cualquier pregunta que quieras hacer, con confianza hazla aqui en el blog.

Neeeko: I still don't know about New Orleans, What are the dates?

neeeko said...


The dates are as follows.

Harrah's New Orleans – May 18-28, 2006

Let me know if u decide to make it. Not sure if you drive or fly to your events. But if your ever in houston, let me know , and I'll hook you up with a hotel room.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

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