Thursday, February 23, 2006

Made the 2nd day

I'm still alive in the invitational WPT, 98 players left out of the original 315. Of course I am 86th with my usual short stack. I have 9800 out of the initial 10k. Today I will be the short stack at my table, the table looks ok, with pros Gavin Smith, Clonie Gowen and Tony Cousineau, but looks like there are at least 3 actors in the table, Matt Corboy from "West Wing" and "The Shield" and Kathy Griffin from "Days of our lives". Anyways, I need to make a move and double pretty soon.
Yesterday I had John Juanda, John Pham, David Chiu and Farzad Bonyadi at my 1st table. And then Miami John, Gavin Smith, John Esposito, Marco Trianello, Orlando Maldonado and Adrian Young the drummer from No Doubt at my second.

The only mistake I think I made all day was at my 2nd table with 400-800 blinds and 100 ante, Gavin Smith went all in for 5700 in BT-2; now Marco Trianello in the SB goes all in also for 14000; I had like 13k and JJ in the BB. I wasn't worried about Gavin, but I have played with Marco before, and I know he's not doing that with a little pair. So I thought he could have QQ-99 or AK-AQ; a clock was called on me and I couldn't call on time. Gavin had A4 and Marco AQ; of course the A4 made a straight, I saw Gavin's magic in action; but that does not matter, still I think I should have called in this spot.


Enrique Treviño said...

Doesn't look like a big mistake.
Putting the tourney on the line on a hand you win maybe 40% of the time doesn't seem good. Although you probably had between 50-60% on the 16K pot against AQ (I put the range because it is not certain it was AQ on the moment of decision).

Anonymous said...

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