Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Poker Ethical Issues

Last week I have been kind of busy discussing issues like Bigotry and Ethics in poker.

I'm about to leave to LA, but I'll give you a detailed update later on these 2 issues.

In the mid time you can read some of my posts regarding this subject in the 2+2 forums

Too many rebuys and bigotry at the table

The Grandma dilemma: debunking the myths

To all the multiaccounting cheaters

The first post is based on something that happened in one of my tables during a tournament.

The last 2 are related to a problem explained in this post


RBA said...

I admire you standing up against these problems, they are alot more rampant than one thinks.

I have played full-time for over 2 years. I am a cash player, with only small ties into the MTT world. The amount of players I know who enter multiple accounts into high buyin tourneys online is over a dozen and I can only imagine that if everyone that plays online a large number of hours knows even half as many as I do the problem is even worse than imagined. I am not even including the teams I know that play out of multiple accounts, which I am also against in the manner it seems to be used.

The racism is just disgusting, but that too I have been accustomed to seeing since the first day I have been online. I believe that a large part of it can be attributed to the amount of very young(high school aged) players playing very heavily online at this time and talking like they do in a typical AOL chat room or online FPS/MMORPG.

They are used to playing these games with multiple accounts and used to using derogatory and racist language.

What worries me more is the amount of people I know or have played FPS games with that basically have taken the clan/guild concept over to online poker. They use Ventrilo/Teamspeak/Skype(also the IM/IRC peeps) and work as teams in tournaments, high buyin cash games and sngs. This is already out of control and it is probably going to get worse. I know of two big teams in Houston alone that play in alot of the underground rooms live and freely talk about it.

Who cares about bots when you have to beat the same player 5 times on different accounts and 7 friends at one table playing at you as a target. On top of that you get racist comments.

Sad Sad.

liquid73 said...

Yea nice on standing up against racism issues and the multiacoounts.I dont even play with the chat on due to all the people always talking crap.

Oscar S. said...

David, 3 palabras "A la CHINGADA"

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