Saturday, February 11, 2006

Big Saturday

1PM (MST): Right now I'm playing 4 tourneys, I know, I know, I shouldn't be playing that many (and writing in the blog at the same time), but couldn't resist.
The tournaments that just started are:

$650 Satellite to Montecarlo in PokerStars. Here there are 7 packages worth 16k to play in the EPT Championship next March in Montecarlo.

$1000 PokerRoom, this is a sexy tournament with 10k chips to start with and 30 mins levels.

I'm still in the 2 $300 tournaments that started 2 hours ago.

The $300+20 in Party, 54 people left of the original 321

The $300+20 in Stars, 86 people left of the original 250

1:15PM Just win a big pot in Stars. MP raised to 600 (blinds 100-200), Roothlus called 600. I have a 8k stack and AQ in the button. MP has about 4k and Roothlus about 5k. I decided to find out if they are serious and raise to 3k. MP folds, and Roothlus go all in for a little more than 5k, I have to call of course. He has JJ, I flop an A and win a big pot.

1:45PM We're in the money in Party. 37 people left.

2:00PM Still in the Party and Stars $300. Party 23 left, Stars 56 left.


Out from Stars $300, made the money, 25th out of 250 good for $525

Out from Party, I made the final table, 7th out of 321, good for $3852

I'm still in the 1k and Montecarlo.

Damn, I'm so angry with myself; I played the FT so bad, of course I didn't have any cards at all. I just have 3 hands all the FT, AJ,77 and A8 and I didn't play them !!!!

Arghhhh, updates coming

5:30PM 24 left in Montecarlo satellite, we get our money back at 22 and there are 7 packages.

Still in the 1k also, less than average stack.

6:00 PM Out from Montecarlo, 17th just short of the 16k package. I think I played great poker in this tournament, it was a very disappointing ending; well at least I got my $650 back.


Schaefer said...

Gooooooooo David!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

good luck!
i'll check back in 15 hours on the PokerRoom deep stack.....those take WAYYY too long.

Anonymous said...

Vamos sirio!! me gusto ese "regreso" que hiciste cuanto te quedaste con solo un stack de 1k en el torneo de pokerstars con tu QQ vs KK, das cátedra de como jugar un shortstack ;)

Enrique Treviño said...
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AJ "The Triple Threat" Martino said...

Hey Sirio:

Just started reading your blog. Seems that you play a lot of high-variance games (i.e. multi-table tournies).

I know it's tough dealing with the beats in these things, they can be pretty brutal.

I've recently switched over to cash games primarily, and I really enjoy them a lot more. Obviously you can't make the big scores like in tournaments, but the income is much more stable and reliable.

Then again, I'm nowhere near your level of income generation, nor do I ever expect to be making 100-150K a year.

From the little I've read, it does seem that you play to the point of exhaustion, way too many tournaments back to back and so forth.

It's a good thing to take a break sometimes, take a day off, not play every single event possible, etc.

But, I wish you the best as you continue along your path. :)

pokergov said...

I share your anger for the whole multiple account expose' by JJProdigy. I totally feel that MTTs are compromised and this is just a wake up call.

And to think I considered playing online for a living....

Good luck. See you at the WPC in Reno. (I live here.)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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