Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Shocking findings while analyzing my stats

I was analyzing all my tournament stats from 2004 to the present and I decided to make a comparision between my 2004 stats and my July-November 2005 stats (this is after the WSOP).

One of the main changes in my game between both periods was that I think in 2004 I was less aggresive than today, I was very money conscious, always keeping an eye in the changes in the money, making considerations to make the money and then to make it to the next money change; and in the final table, very, very conscious of how to play my hand depending of the stacks and the money changes; in general I had a step by step approach to the money. Today, I barely care to make the money, my approach is to make the final table and of course I have had several bubbles in this span.

I remember when somebody mentioned that you should just care about first place and not about placing, I always thought of this as a macho-attitude in poker, since I had so good results without that attitude. But gradually I have been changing to that side of the spectrum, I still don't have that 1st place or die attitude, but I feel in the practice my game is moving in that direction.

The majority of winners in the poker tournament world think the 1st place or die is the best approach to win; they even critizice, often harshly to those who have a conscious making the money step by step approach.

So, this change in my game looked like it was all good, I'm joining the majority with my approach to the game and I have had a lot of 1st places finishes in the last months; so it should be right.

But then I decided to compare my ROI and I had a shocking surprise.

ROI(2004) > ROI(Jul-Nov 2005)

ROI(2004) >>> ROI(2005)

1st places finishes Jul-Nov 2005 >> 1st places finishes 2004

And of course ITM(2004) > ITM (Jul-Nov 2005)

I understand that maybe the number of tournaments is not enough and that the numbers could be some king of statistic aberration.

#tourneys 2004: Around 600
#tourneys 2005: Around 900
#tourneys Jul-Nov 2005: Around 350

Still, I think it is very interisting to analyze the possible causes for these numbers.

For now on, every time somebody write something about how he could care less about making the money and how he just play to win (whatever that means) my answer will be:

"Don't talk too loud man, just show me your ROI"

ROI rules.


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Sorry but did you wamt to give your roi's because I canr t see them in your post.


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