Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Playing some cash games

One of the different things I made this weekend was to play some non-tournament poker; after about 2 and 1/2 months without playing any cash games, I decided it was enough and force myself to play some 30-60 limit holdem in PartyPoker this Friday, I played like 8 tables at the same time, played about 500 hands and quit, this is like 1 hour of taking decisions like every 3 seconds, lol. I won about $535 and it was ok. The funny thing when you play too many tables it's that it's pretty hard to be on tilt, since you barely know what's happening at the end of the hand, if you were paid in the river or not, if you bluff was succesful or not, since you have popping windows everywhere; but I like it, it's kind of fun. Saturday I played again for another marathon session of about 50 minutes; this time I decided to try 10 tables at the same time; boy, it's really something, especially when you're playing loose and have a hand in the 10 tables, lol. This time I won about $1500 and quit. I used to play much more, and my results historically in the 15-30 and 30-60 games in Party are pretty good, around 1.5 BB/hr. But these days I don't play much since I love to play tournaments and cash games are kind of boring (even 8-tabling). I should have the discipline to play a little more, since talking about money won per hour, easily I could win more money playing cash games than tourneys; but hey, tournaments are just too much fun ..... and the money is not bad also :)


Anonymous said...

Is the hourly rate really bigger for cash games?

You made 100k in september/october in like 125 tournaments, at 1.5 hours per tournament, that's 540 an hour (table hour).

clearly you were on a massive heater, but i've heard it before that tournaments have lower hourly rate, but i dunno if i buy it.

- Ray (Exitonly)

David (sirio11) said...

I think so, at least for me, just look at the 1.5 BB/hr rate, that means $90 an hour per table at 30-60. So if you 6-table this is $540.

And with tournaments, even if you have a 200% ROI. And you play 2 $150 at the same time, your expected win is about $600 on a 2 hours average. So clearly at least in my case. The hourly rate is bigger in the cash games.

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