Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Lessons from Foxwoods

Another dissapointing big tournament. I busted out from the WPT tournament in Foxwoods, yesterday about 1/2 hour before the day finished; played about 12 hours. As usual I was very depressed; and of course it didn't help to be in the same room with JohnnyBax, Sheets and ImsoLucky0; they all made it into day 2.
As usual I was mad and ranting about how I hate poker, how a f* bad luck I have in these big tournaments, I have always thought of myself about being in the left far side of the poker standard deviation luck, even with my recent nice internet streak.
Bad luck has many different ways to show up in poker, this time was in the form of an endless streak of garbage cards.
Bad luck was in the form of a pretty tough table, with Greg Raymer, Amir Vahedi and Billy Gazes.
Also bad luck was in the form of sickness, between the 4th and the 9th hour of the tournament, I was feeling real sick, so it was kind of hard to concentrate in the tournament.

But despite all the ranting the important point is, you can not control the cards you're dealt, you can't control the cards your opponents are dealt, you can't control the flop cards, the turn card, the river card. You can't control who your opponents will be at your table, and who will have position on you.
But you can control the decisions you make with the cards you're dealt. You can control how you react to your opponents actions. You control your decisions preflop, in the flop, turn, river. You control the size of your bets, raises.

So, it just does not make any sense to be mad about things you have absolutely no control of. You were dealt 72 off like 90 times in a row, so what, don't beat yourself up with these kind of things, it's worthless to spend any time and energy on this. Just worry about the decisions you made. That is the only important thing to do, just worry about the decisions you have some control of.

So, I'm posting all the mistakes I think I made, despite my "bad luck" I think I should have done better if I would not made some mistakes.


Anonymous said...

Hi Davaid,
Hang in there your comeback strong. I'll be sweating you at pokerstar and checking your post at 2+2.

Subby said...

I need to print out this post and tape it next to my monitor. Great advice.

Hang in there and thanks for posting that...

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