Sunday, July 30, 2006


Today is the day baby !!!! I'll be playing at table 206 seat 2. I feel really well and I'm ready. BELIEVE !!!!!


AJ "The Triple Threat" Martino said...

Don't worry, you're a shoe-in, I already dispensed with the setup hands:


I have J/4 in the blind and the flop is 2/4/J with two diamonds and I bet 200, get raised by a UTG limper to 500. I re-raise to 1500, he calls. Turn is a 3 of diamonds. I check, he bets 1600 into the 3200 pot, leaving 1100 behind. I don't believe he has the flush, I check-raise all-in. He thinks for a long time and calls with his pocket 2's that hold up.

Down to 1256 with blinds at 30/60 and two limpers, large stack raises to 180. I push with K/K figuring someone will think I don't want to be called because I pushed. Large stack calls with A/K. Ace on the flop, I'm four-flushed but no more hearts hit and I'm sent packing. At least I was out in 30 minutes instead of spending 3-4 hours and bubbling.

Anyway, you'll do fine, keep your head in the game and best wishes man.

Enrique Treviño said...


Anonymous said...

Como te fue en el wsop cuando perdiste como te sacaron?

que sigue en el mundo del poker para ti?

Jordan Lewis said...

BEST PLAYERS ALWAys Win in the end