Sunday, July 09, 2006

Online poker, back to the painful wait

I'm back to El Paso, and decided to play some online tournament poker. Playing in the WSOP made me to have the desire again. I just played 4 online tournaments last Thursday and 3 tournaments today.

Thursday I didn't even last one hour in my 4 tournaments.
Thu- Stars $150 , lost KK-QQ
Thu- Party $150 , lost AA-99
Thu- Party WSOP $215, lost JJ versus 88 and QQ (Or course I was 3rd, since the 88 was the one who covered me)
Thu Paradise $30 Rebuys, lost 22-A8 and I didn't even rebuy since I was tilting because of the other 3 tourneys.

So, Thursday was awful and again I found myself with a very hard time to play afterwards, and I just didn't play on Friday and Saturday.

Sunday, again I gave it a try, after watching the final match of the World Cup (Italy - France); I decided to play 3 tournaments, the Stars 1 Million, which is now a $200 + 1 rebuy + 1 add on, so basically you spend $615; I played also my first $650 Satellite to the WSOP in Stars and the Party 1 Million ($215), so I spent $1480

Stars WSOP $650, I raised in the button with AK, BB reraised and I went all in with no hesitation at all, he thought and called me with K2 ??; of course that was it with a 2 in the flop.

Stars 1 Million, I raised with AK, somebody reraised and I called all in, he had A9h and that was it of course, with a 993 flop. I was 588 out of 2708.

Party 1 Million, with 62 players left, I raised with 88 in EP to 100k with 15-30k blinds, MP went AI for 460k, I had 330k left and called, he had KQ ??? and I lost the race. I was 62 out of 4841 and won $1600.

So, I won $120 dollars this Sunday, next Sunday I better go work to Walmart, I think it's about the same rate.

So, I have played just these 7 tournaments online in like a month and a half; with the same results as all year (I swear I'm not making up all these hands). To be fair, I do win a big pot in the Party 1M as a 41% favorite "only"; when my KTc in the BB cracked AQ in the button. But there are just too many mines. It's almost impossible to avoid them all, the play by the guys who beat me with the K2 and the KQ are indicative about how is online poker nowadays, the level of random (donkish?) aggression is sky-high and obviously with this, the variance associated to tournaments (not to mention the big fields). I know at the end things will even out. It's just a painful wait.


Enrique Treviño said...

That K2 play was surprising. I was following your table and I read the hand. He didn't have a lot of chips to being doing re-steals. He was about average in chips or less. And then if he tries to re-steal why not put you all in if he's going to call your all in anyway. Surprising play.

For the all in with KQ, I would have to know more information on the hand to judge. If you raise 100K that makes me thing the blinds were 15K-30K, 60K a round when antes are added. 460K is 7.5 rounds. So he's in kind of a desperate situation, although the chip stacks of the table would have to be considered before analyzing how desperate he is. It sounds like an error on his part, but it's probably a close call. Double up or die. Some players like to do that with KQ.

Anonymous said...

Sirio, porque no cambias un poco? como dice AJ unos cash games o STT te vendrían bien o quizá Stud u Omaha

AJ "The Triple Threat" Martino said...

Damn man, those are some brutal beats. But you still went hella deep in the tournies.

I know it's hard, but you just have to sit back and realize that you made the right plays and just got unlucky. All you can do is make good decisions.

Getting unlucky in multiple tournaments like that blows, but you can't really change anything there. Those guys were pretty much handing you their chips with their plays, and that will be good for your bottom line down the road.

Anonymous said...

Just saw him take another bad beat at my table at the PP Super Monday. He finally gets KK, raises 2 limpers, is reraised by utg maniac who plays anything and everything and has pushed 5k into 20/40 blinds, so Sirio naturally re-raises all in. Tourney over when maniac turns over AA and they hold up.

eduardo G said...

Hola David. no se si jugaste en el limit event o si narraste algunas de tus manos. Piensas volver a algun evento del wsop, o solo el main event.?

Despues de leer los pos sobre la mano uno de AJ cambia tu forma de pensar... o no los tomas en cuenta para tu cambio de juego?

Solo eso porke a mi me pasa muchas veces lo mismo que discuto alguna mano y alguien tiene una respuesta totalmente diferente a la mia y si me pregunto porque no pude ver todo eso cuando la mano pasaba...a veces dudo y a veces me aferro a mi estilo....

Buena suerte


David (sirio11) said...


No jugue el evento de limit, si voy a jugar mas, al menos unos 4 mas ademas del main event.

Sobre si cambio de parecer, si lo hago, aunque no tan seguido, pues por lo general yo analizo bastante mis jugadas. Cuando alguien me hace cambiar de parecer es porque su analisis es mucho mejor que el mio y si uno quiere avanzar, pues tienes que seguir aprendiendo dia a dia.

Anonymous said...

The 88 play was terrible. You want to put all of your money in with 88 and you wonder why you lose tournaments? Hell, if you are going to get it all in with a weak hand like that just push to begin with.

Are you just begging for a coin flip?

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