Saturday, July 22, 2006

At last I made a 2nd day in a WSOP event this year

I'm still alive in the $2000 NLH Event, WSOP #31. There are 144 left out of the more than 2000 players that started. We are already in the money, I have a 31,700 stack, good for 50th out of the 144, about average. Tomorrow we'll be playing at 2 PM (PST), I'll be at table 135 seat 5. Today I had no bad beats, almost no good cards all day, no AA, no QQ, I had KK once and won for the first time in the WSOP, I was 0 for 2 before today with KK. I had my first suckout in this WSOP when I was all in (kind of short-stacked) with 88 versus Fabrice Soulier KK and I survived. I won a big coin flip with AK vs 99; but mostly I played a pretty solid game. I aim to continue playing my best tomorrow (today) and hopefully the poker Gods cooperate.


Anonymous said...

Vamos sirio quizá este evento sea otra mesa final para tí en WSOP y porque no un brazalete!

Eduardo G said...

felicidades david, que bueno que ya estas en el dienro y ve por todo!!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck David and play your best

AJ "The Triple Threat" Martino said...

hola agua, yo soy al bano! Los tacos los ninos, por favor! MIRA! LA LECHE!

Ok, now that I'm done murdering the Spanish language. Congrats man, it's about time and well deserved. I'm rooting for you to play well, but barring that, at least get lucky and win a bracelet. You've been dealing with a lot of shit for awhile now, and that's how tournaments go sometimes. But I hope to hear about you at the final table.

I made about $80/hr this week playing my Omaha hi/lo cash games online, so I can't complain. :)