Monday, August 07, 2006

WSOP Main Event

Well, it's still too painful to post about my main event, I just can tell you now, that I didn't have any luck but I didn't play my best either. I made at least 2 mistakes and you just can't made any, well, some people can (Aaron Kanter, Tiffany Willamson in last years WSOP ME), but people with "average" luck like me shouldn't (average, yeah right).

Right now, the main even is in its n-th day, hah, don't even know how many days, but the players left will be playing in their 6th day. Out of the 8773 players that started, there are 45 players left. Who are we rooting for? Well, I have 2 friends left in the field. The amazing Eric "Rizen" Lynch and the colorful Costa Rican Humberto Brenes. Humberto has a short stack with 565,000 good for 41 out of the 45, but Humberto is a pretty good short stack player. Eric has a 1,900,000 good for 19 out of 45, and it doesn't matter if Eric has a short, medium or big stack; he's like the "Neo" of Poker, the chosen one, whatever it needs to happen, it will happen. He has supernatural powers, whatever he wants to admit it or not. Both are extremely nice guys, I have had the fortune to talk poker with Humberto in several occasions through the years, in my traveling to several tournaments across the country; since we share our beautiful Spanish language. He was the first I talked about my hands after being busted from the main event on Sunday July 30, and he nicely gave me his advise about how he would have played the hands, all this while signing like 100 autographs and getting his picture taken with plenty of fans. Eric is not that well-known by the general public (so far), but he will be, the same Sunday I had the chance to hang out with Eric for like 3 hours talking about poker, life, family and some other things; I really enjoyed the time I spent with Eric. In all the time I spent in Vegas last month, I just took like 5 pictures with my camera, and the only two I took with an individual were with precisely Humberto and Eric; and here they are in the final 45 of this monster field. It would be real sweet if they can make the final table.


Anonymous said...

I definitely hope Rizen powers through and final tables/wins this tournament. He seems like a good guy, and unlike you, seems to have a strong understanding of how to play the game of poker correctly.

Anonymous said...

^^above might be harsh but you need to stop worrying about bad beats and the like and either go through it complaint-free or move to a different profession.

This is used as a motivation tool/hard advice tactic.

You won't succeed if beats fluster you or they stay with you.

Rizen is unflappable and I don't think you are.

David (sirio11) said...

You're trying to tell me something new like Rizen is a great player? So, If I don't understand and play poker like Negreanu, Juanda, Rizen, Gigabet or Colson, I suck?
Nothing like anonymous posters bashing you in your own blog. Not man enough to post with your own name huh?
To the second poster, I think I have already written about that, I agree and that's the reason I haven't post that much, because I think there's not much of value in my posting these days because of the poker negativity state of mind.
I won't delete the posts this one time, but if you want to continue bashing me on my own blog, you'll need to post your real name, it's only fair.

AJ "The Triple Threat" Martino said...

Dave, look at Negranue. He had an amazing run in tournies in 2004, then 2005 blew donkey chunks for him.

Rizen is on a roll right now, but he could falter next year.

Not saying he or Negranue are bad players, or judging your own skill. Just saying that sometimes a player gets into a positive groove and everything goes right, which promotes a healthier mindset, which helps things continue to go right.

When a player gets into a "woh is me" mindset, that can be extremely damaging.

Anyway, hope you take my advice and give the cash games and/or sng's a run for a bit. Tournament poker seems to be burning you out.

And yeah, I hate anonymous pussies who never have shit to say when you're winning, but when you're losing they can't wait to bash you.

Frank said...

Hey nice blog, was just wondering if you played online poker, and under what alias on what site.

oskar s said...

Tournament poker is tough, particulary if you consider the luck factor that can change the game so much in any given day. But hey shit happens, and David, there is always plenty of fish in Ruidoso. JK.
Dont give up, just take a step back and go back to do what you were doing.
Question, What do you think about the online poker bannig?
How will this affect you?

Anonymous said...

Calling Rizen the NEO of Poker is a perfect explanation...he is amazing.