Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Day One (Part III) Bellagio Championship

The important hands I remember from the second level 100-200, were the following ones.
This hand involves my 2 marks for the day, Victor and old man. Old man raised to 1200 in MP, Victor called in the BB. Flop came KT7, and Victor fired a 5k bet !!. Old man didn't like it but still called and had like 35k behind. Turn was a 3, Victor checked !!?? and old man checked behind. River was a Q; Victor checked again; now old man decided to bet 5k, I was confused by this bet, I put old man in AK or AA. AJ and QQ didn't make too much sense since he called the big 5k bet in the flop; now Victor raised to 35k, what? I just couldn't believe Victor had AJ, but who knows, I though maybe he had KQ, but his turn check does not make too much sense; probably a busted QJ and he was trying to make the old man fold; a very, very bad idea since he had showed before that he had a strong willingness to call anytime he had a good pair, old man was really nervous and I can tell he was afraid to be out of the tourney, but of course he called, Victor didn't show and old man showed QQ for a set in the river. Old man called a 5k bet in a K high flop with QQ !!, and Victor made a 35k bluff in the river against a calling station!!. This hand reassured me I needed to take their chips. I would have the opportunity to play with the 2 of them in this same level. Unfortunately, I lost both hands, but I think I played them well and didn't lose much.
The first big pot I played with the old man was the following. With 100-200, I raised to 600 UTG with JJ, European guy called and he called. Flop came Th8h3d, I bet 1200, European guy folded and old man raised to 3000. I decided to call. Turn was Td, not a good card, I checked, he bet just 2000, which was weird, to me it meant he didn't have the T; it was a scary bet, problem with raising there was he was a calling station; so, maybe he had a flush draw, a str draw with something like J9s, maybe a pair of 99, but most probably KK-QQ, but I though he would have reraised with KK, so, I decided to call. The river was a Kd, I checked, he checked and showed QQ.
The first big pot I played with Victor, was the following one. He limped in LP, I was in the small blind with 43 and completed with 100-200 blinds, BB checked. Flop came 4d4c2d, I thought this one my chance to get some of Victor chips, I bet 400, BB folded and Victor just called. I was a little disappointed with that, since he kept making all kind of overbets. Turn was a 5h, now I had my trip 4s and the open ended straight draw, I bet 1000 and he called again. The river was the 9d; I didn't think Victor had the flush, so I decided to make a 3000 value bet, he quickly raised to 15000 and he had about another 17k left. Yikes, I knew Victor was the wild type; but I also knew he made hands sometimes, lol, Was this one a real hand?. I took a lot of time in this one, trying to get Victor's reaction. I asked him "Do you have a full house?". Nothing, but he seemed kind of confident. I asked him, how much he had left, like I was going to put him all in. He wasn't thrilled about that option, but he seemed like he was calling if I did that; so I thought he had the flush and folded, he showed me the Ad6d.


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Just wanted to say that I enjoy reading these very much. Thanks again.

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Hey david qusiera saber si te interesaria jugar "ring" game en el paso??

Si te interesa mandame un correo por favor


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