Monday, May 15, 2006

Bellagio blog entries still to come

These are the entries related to the Bellagio 25k tournament that I'm yet to write:

Day One (Part IV): Some Scotty Nguyen hands and his busto hand.

Day Two (Part I): Table with Huck Seed, Josh Arieh, Prahlad and Varkonyi.

Day Two (Part II): The wild ride with Jean Robert Bellande, Arnold Spee and Paul Darden.

Day Two (Part III): Table with Doyle Brunson and Vanesa Russo (with some incredible poker comments by somebody who later got 7th in that event).

Day Three is already posted.

Some general comments about the whole experience.

That's about 7 entries, so, at the rate I'm writting these days, most probably by Christmas 2006 my Bellagio Trip report will be done.

I made some Final Tables this month and have had a lot of cashes, but all of them really small, I'm barely ahead in the month. I really need a good score, winning is so 2005.

WSOP is coming !!!!!!, I really, really want to play in as many events as my bankroll allows. Lets see, I have like a month to build a WSOP bankroll. For sure I'll be playing the Main Event, hopefully I'll play more than 1 event.


Anonymous said...

David if you can explain your strategy on how to build a bankroll in a month for the wsop that would be good help for amateur players..... buy ins limits, etc target goals per session



AJ "The Triple Threat" Martino said...

Being up slightly for the month sure as hell beats being down.

Hope to see you final table this years ME.

And please bust "the grinder" if you meet up with him. I'm tired of the crooked hat and the dopey look on his face (not to mention his comments that he only plays the 1K buy-in events to "ruin other players dreams")

Oscar said...

Hey David. I read the 2006 Bluff magazine Issue. They quote you there regarding your multi-accounts essay. You truly made a point and now people are beginning to notice. Kudos to you

David (sirio11) said...


I've played with "The Grinder" before and I was impressed by his play.


Thanks man. Which month was the Bluff Magazine issue? Is it available online?

Oscar S. said...

The issue is May 2006. The name of the article is "Pokergate: Inside the recent online poker scandal
You can get the magazine online

Good to hear you are back on track.

Q: how many WSOP evets are you plannig to play and wich ones?

David (sirio11) said...


I don't have a specific plan to build a bankroll, just keep playing all May and June and hopefully win something big. This may change if I decide to come back to play cash games. I haven't play them in a while.


Thanks, but looks like the May issue can not be accessed online.
About the WSOP, I'm playing all the events my bankroll allows. I haven't made a list yet, but I'd like to play some 15-20 events.

jason said...

Man, I can't wait for the Spee post!

No, I don't hold grudges. Why?

Anonymous said...

Nice colors. Keep up the good work. thnx!