Monday, April 10, 2006

Sunday results

I played 7 tournaments this Sunday. I was going to play only the first 4 of the list, but Diana told me I was not working enough, so I obligued and played 3 more. Women.

Paradise Masters Main event NLH $1000, I placed 600 out of 1065. Performance: B

Paradise NLH $200 Rebuys, 81 out of 422. Performance: A

Party NLH $200+15, 485 out of 2642. Performance: A

Stars NLH $200+15, 2544 out of 5110. Performance: C-

And after Diana told me what a lazy bum I was,

Party NLH $100+9, 44 out of 440, I won $242. Performance: A

UltimateBet NLH $200+15, 62 out of 560. Performance A+

Paradise NLH $30 Rebuys, 19 out of 1451, I won $678.57. Performance: A-

1 comment:

Enrique Treviño said...

How did you decide what grade to give yourself?
What did you do on the A+ to earn that +?
Good idea to grade yourself by the way.