Thursday, April 20, 2006

End of Day 1-B

I finished the day with 68,250 chips, my high mark in the day was about 75k. I really like the way I played today. I had a good table with the only recognizable pro being Scotty Nguyen. Too many interesting hands and too many interesting decisions I took today; for all of them I made the right one, but one. I didn't have AA or KK all day, no flushes, no straights, but still I have lots of good hands to write about, right now I'm a little tired, but I promise to write about all my important hands in the tourney. Let me tell you for now about one of them.
With blinds 300-600 and 75 ante, I raised to 2k in EP with 87c, MP called and the guy in the SB called. Flop came Qc7s5c, a very nice flop for my hand. SB checked, I decided to bet 4k at the7k pot, MP folded and after thinking for a while SB called. This guy always used a lot of time to make his decisions, and some of the guys in the table were annoyed, specially Scotty. The turn was 2d, and he checked again, now I have to make a decision, my hand with one card to come it's not that good anymore, but I had the feeling that the guy could fold a Q; I bet 10k into the 15k pot, and the guy went to the tank once again, I had like 32k behind and he had about the same. Eventually somebody called the clock on him and before the time expired he decided to call; of couse I didn't like it. River was a Qs, a terrible card, but he checked !!!!!, mmmmmm, what does this guy have? I decided if he had the Q, it does not make any sense for me to bet, and if he had a draw, my 7's were good, so I checked behind, he showed ATc and I won a nice pot.
After the tourney I went to dinner with Carl (colson) and we talked about our important hands for the day, he's in pretty good shape for tomorrow with 106k. Right now I plan to check my fantasy baseball team, study a little and plan the strategy for tomorrow, hopefully I'll draw another good table. Wish me luck !!!!


Scott C said...

Best of luck David. Congratulations on a strong first day.

Anonymous said...

GO GO DAVID!! Crush your opponents!

Eduardo Espínola said...

La mejor de las suertes! A ganar!

El Perrito said...

un chingo de suerte y que no caigan bad beats.

Anonymous said...

Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site! Keep up the good work. Thanks.