Saturday, April 22, 2006

My short Day 3 in the Bellagio Championship

I finished day 2 with a 29,800 stack, really short with 204 players remaining, I'll make a post about what happened in Day 2, but for Day 3 my plan was simple, I needed to double, blinds were 1.5-3k with 400 ante, that is about 8.1k per round. After they colored off, I started the day with 29,500; and being the lucky guy I am, they started with the button on seat 3, and I was in seat 5 in the BB. Somebody raised the 1st hand of the day, I had 96o and folded, 2nd hand of the day, again raised, I had 32o in the SB and folded. Now I was in the button with just 23,300. I had an specific plan for every position before my next blind came out, the plan for the button was; in the unlikely case it was folded to me, I was going to push with any 2. I thought that was unlikely since Paul Darden was in the CO and most probably he was going to raise if folded to him. If Darden raised then I was going to go all in with a very big range, any pair, any A, and most probably any broadway. If somebody else raised, depending of their position of course then my range to go all in was going to be something like AJ+,77+,KQs, since I had no FE any more. So, the best case happened, everybody folded to me and I had a better than average holding, K8; so it was an easy push. Besides the SB had only 30k and couldn't afford to call and the guy in the BB Rodeem Talebi, have played with me before in the FT of a Bellagio Event in December, and I knew he was not calling me with any 2 just because of the odds. So, everything looked right, except for the little fact that the SB woke up with AA, he went all in too and I didn't suck out. I was out in my 1st all in of the tourney as usual; in all the WPT I played this last season, I think I went 1 for 9 when being in an all in situation when somebody had me covered. Bad luck in my last hand, because all the following things have to happen in order for me to bust:
1) Nobody raises before me
2) Any of the blinds wake up with a good hand
3) I lose the "race"

I did the right play and lost.
But of course the important thing is, why was I in such a short stack position? What happened in the 2nd day? It's pretty telling the biggest amount of chips I lost in a single pot in all the tourney was in my last pot, so much for pot control. Why I was not involved in big pots? Was it my fault? Was it luck? Did I have a terrible run of cards?
As today, I'm analyzing all these factors and I'll post all my interesting hands from day 1 and 2, so probably you guys help me to answer those questions. For now I think the key to not have chips in the 3rd day was in my 2nd table on the 2nd day. I think that table threw my game and my plans off; a table with Jean Robert Bellande, Paul Darden and Arnold Spee. I got lost in the wilderness of that table and decided to turtle off. I'll write about that table later.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read your next entry sirio!

AJ "The Triple Threat" Martino said...

Sorry to hear you busted out man. It's tought making another day only to be in push or fold mode, that's never fun.

I think that's why so many of the pro's are willing to go home on Day 1. They either want to accumulate a boatload of chips early on and be running the show, or be sent packing so they can not waste another day or two for nothing.

Are you a survivor or an accumulator?

Anonymous said...

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