Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sunday, cool, Monday, cool, Final Table Tuesday, not cool.

Monday results:

Paradise NLH $30 Rebuys, 247 out of 1189, (I spent $180). Performance: A

PokerStars NLH $150+12, 475 out of 587. Performance: A

PartyPoker Super Monday $150+12, 39 out of 1018. Performance: A+

Tuesday results:

This day I decided to play 2 noon tournaments, the $30 Rebuys in Paradise and the $100+9 Rebuys in Stars.

Paradise NLH $30 Rebuys, 69 out of 486, (I spent $90). Performance: A

PokerStars $100+9 Rebuys, 6 out of 96, (I spent $309) and won $2249. Performance: A+

Some days are harder than others, this Tuesday I just lost it after the Final Table in the $100 Rebuys, Sunday I was cool, Monday I was cool, but Tuesday it was just too much for my fragile temper.

On Sunday I went deep in the Party 500k Guaranteed, near the bubble, blinds were 600-1200, EP made it 3k, I went AI in MP and JJ for 9511; I knew he was calling, because he was from 2+2 and know pot odds; he did the right play and called with 9h8h, and I was a 80% favorite;

The board came 7h4c2d5hQh and I was out.

No problem, I was cool.

Later same Sunday in the UB $215; near the bubble a short stack decided to go AI in the SB, I was in the BB with QTd; he was short but not that short to make the call based just in pot odds, still I went with my "read" and called, he had T9o, I was a 73% favorite;

Board came J3793

I was cool, no problem, I still had enough chips.

A little later, with the bubble at 60 and 62 players left, I raised with TT in EP, LP reraised, and that practically put me all in, and I called. He had QQ, I was a 18% favorite; but I'm not winning 80%'s much less 18%'s, and I was out in 62nd.

No problem, I was cool, in fact, I was happy, I played great poker in this tourney.

It was Sunday and I was cool.

I still made it deep in another tournament, the Paradise $30 Rebuys, here I think I made a mistake with 2 tables left. I had a 140k stack with 10k-20k and was one of the short stacks; I decided to go all in with A3c in EP, I think this is a bad play in the long run, I was called by the big stack in the button with AJd and that was it.

Monday I played my usual 7PM MST set of 3 tournaments, and I went deep in the Party Super Monday, a tournament that always has a sexy prize pool around 150k. With 4 tables left, the following 2 hands happened:

1) I was in LP with a 44k stack and AsTs, the blinds were 3-6k, so I decided to go all in, the donkey in LP+1 decided he couldn't wait anymore with his 28k stack and he went all in with Ah6d !!, a terrible play, but of course I was happy to be a 73% favorite, who am I kidding? of course I wasn't happy, the guy wasn't drawing dead,

Flop was 9s8s3c, a good flop for my hand and now I was only a 91% favorite and the guy needs a pink 6
Turn 5c, oh oh, I'm now "just" a 89% favorite
River was a 6h and I was down to 15k

2) The very next hand I was pleased to find QcQd and of course I went all in, hoping somebody in LP raised and protected my hand, somebody did with KdTd and I was a 68% to triple up, but the board came:

Ah8d4hAhKc and I was out 39th.

Just for fun, the odds for losing both hands: (.27)*(.32) = .0864 = 8.64%

It was Monday night (more like Tuesday 1AM) and I was cool, Diana was looking the Dell Monitor in shock, but I was cool, shit happens, we had a nice talk, and later I proceeded to check the bad beats for the day in my Fantasy Baseball league.

Tuesday morning I wake up in a good mood and decided to play 2 noon tournaments, the $30 Rebuys at Paradise and the $100 Rebuys at Stars, the Stars tournament is a small field tourney (about 100 entrants), but a really strong field, full of internet pros. I rarely play this tourney, despite the fact I have done well in the past, the main reasons are:

1) The field is very small, I am used to playing in tournaments with 400+ entrants

2) The dead money is very little, the competition is really tough

3) I have the feeling that there is some cheating going on in this tourney, most probably some of the pros are multiaccounting and that's really unfair for the rest of us in such a small field

Well, despite those reasons, I decided to play this Tuesday, I have not played in this tourney since February 8th, so more than 2 months, I played great poker, and made it to the final 2 tables. As usual when I'm in the last 2 or 3 tables, I open the other table to see my possible final table opponents play, I saw Ozzy87, who is an excellent tournament and cash games player, he had a big stack, then a short stack, then a big stack, then a short stack, he was really active when we were down to 12 and playing 6 handed in each table; I was doing exactly the same in my table and basically grew up my stack from 30k to 85k without any danger at all. Everybody was playing really tight since there was a guy sitting out for a long time then, who was being chipped away. That guy went out in 10th place and we finally made the final table. I had a good stack and Ozzy was shortstacked, he was playing now really solid, he changed gears as soon as we made the FT, a sign of a very good player, I made a great play and later busted a guy with AA and I was the chip leader with 6 people left, but 4 of us were really close in chips and Ozzy was the short stack; when the following 3 hands came up:

1) with 2-4k blinds, a guy in EP with a 63k stack, raised to 12k, I had 66 and a 119k and I decided to test him and raised to 32k; knowing that without a premium hand it was gonna be really hard for him to call and play after the flop; problem was, now the BB with 118k went all in !!!, showing great strength, guy in EP thought for a while and folded, and I have to fold of course, down to 86k.

2) Two hands later I'm in the BB, Ozzy went all in for 33k; the round before Ozzy did exactly the same in my BB, that time for 28k, and even I had a marginal good hand that time Ah2h and a good stack, I folded, because I didn't want to double Ozzy, and I didn't mind him having a short stack for a while, since he was doing that about once a round. This time I had AT a good enough hand to call him, I did it, he had K9 and I was a 65% favorite to eliminate the most dangerous opponent in the FT. The board came Qc8c4h9h3d and I lost the "flip".

3) Down to 53k, the very next hand Ozzy raises again to 12k UTG, I had QhQc in the SB, I had THE feeling, deja vu from Super Monday just the night before, I thought about going all in, but I decided to reraise to 36k, he went all in and I called of course, he had a nice hand AhKh, but I still was a 54% favorite; but of course these days, 54% is like, nothing

The board came Kc9h7s7d5s and I was out 6th, good for $2249.

The odds for Ozzy winning both hands : (.35)*(.46) = 16%

This was very disappointing and this Tuesday I was not cool, I just lost it.

I hate poker.

No, I don't.

Yes, I do.

Whatever, poker sucks.

By the way, my fantasy baseball pitchers on Tuesday, 5 of them pitched, with the following ERAs: 7.50, 9.64, 27.00, 40.50, 18.00.

Fantasy Baseball sucks.


Life is good !!!

Indeed, life is freaking awesome good !!!!!!!


Schaefer said...

Great post, David. I agree, "Indeed, life is freaking awesome good !!!!!!!" I will be in El Paso for one night, April 21st. Are you going to the Bellagio? Can we get dinner in El Paso? Send me an email at

Anonymous said...

Very good post brother. I got a sick feeling that your luck will change very soon and when it does the online poker world will once again take note! Good luck amigo, hola.

Anonymous said...

David hang in there man, it will turn the other way... I mean it's supposed to right? You remind me a lot of myself right now, not just because you are running bad, but because of something you said on 2+2: "I don't consider myself a natural, I even think some parts of my personality conflict big time with what you need to be a good poker player...". Takes a man to admit that, and it was a relief to hear a top player say it.

A funny side note about your entry today. About a month ago in the 30R on Dise w/2 tables left you busted shortstack all-in me in EP w/A4 when you had bigstack on button w/AJ. Ironic. I hate A-rag.

David (sirio11) said...

Hey Schaef,

I'm going to the Bellagio this Monday 17, and since I'm planning on winning the Championship then most probably I'll be in Vegas the 21st.
Awesome trip you are doing man (Folks, you can check his blog for details); that's what's life about !!!

Anonymous said...

good post and nice attitude, you'll turn around soon and start dominating. Sorry again for the party sunday!


AJ "The Triple Threat" Martino said...

Hey man, that's some tough shit to deal with.

I too have that rage inside me, although you have a lot more experience dealing with this stuff than I do, and seem to handle it better.

But, poker does wear on you, especially tournaments with the suckouts in such large fields.

Maybe take a break from the MTT's and fire up sit n' go's or cash games, give yourself a little respite?

I know when my cash games started sucking, I switched to MTT's for a bit, then switched from limit games to pot limit cash tables, then started tossing in sit n' gos.

Vary it up a bit, keeps things fresh and interesting, and keeps you skilled in a variety of poker disciplines.

David (sirio11) said...

That's very good advice AJ, I think as soon as I'll be back from the 25k in the Bellagio, I'll start to play some different games; maybe S&G are a good option since it will help my final table game also.

AJ "The Triple Threat" Martino said...

What I like about sit n' go's is that they pay the top 30% of the field.

When I was playing MTT's, I was quite regularly going deep, but unless you're finishing in the top 3 out of hundreds or thousands of players, the money isn't so great.

Taking 12th, 28th and 50th in 2K played fields in the Party 40K guaranteed was nice, but at most I was making $300 (when first place was 9 grand or more)

I would often find myself finishing in the top 10-20% of many of the larger MTT's I played in.

So I figured with sit n' go's, you should have no trouble finishing in the money more frequently.

And instead of wasting 3-5 hours to win 1.5x your buy-in, you only spend an hour usually in most sit n' go's.

They pay a larger portion of the field, which rewards YOUR skillful play, and are quite easy to multitable.

I still prefer cash games as my bread & butter, but when things are running rough in one type of game, playing something different can often give you the break you need to return to profitable play in the game(s) you were playing.

cc said...


I'm doing a series of articles on players who have made the jump to playing professionally (site is, and I wanted to highlight you in coming weeks. Would you be available for this? If so, I'll email some questions to you, and hopefully it will build on your PocketFives article as well. Thanks for your consideration.

David (sirio11) said...

Yes of course, let me know what you need.

Anonymous said...

SUerte en el bellagio! espero platicar contigo aqui en el paso cuando regreses!!

Lalo G

Anonymous said...

Mucha, mucha pero un chorro de suerte que es solo que necesitas ya que juegas excelente.

Diana I

Anonymous said...

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