Saturday, January 14, 2006

So, you want to play the WPT circuit

Well, then you better have lots, and I mean lots of money. These are the WPT I have played so far:

PS Caribbean 2005 $8000
Legends 2005 $5150
Borgata 2005 $10000
Foxwoods 2005 $10200
Five Diamond 2005 $15300
PS Caribbean 2006 $8000

So, I have paid about 57k to play in these events.

But since I am such a great player and they pay almost 20% of the field, I should have some of this money back, right?

Times in the money: 0 for 6

Hell, times I made it to the second day: Zero !!!!

So, as today I'm a WPT donator, dreaming with that big score before going broke, lol.

Next stop is Tunica, but right now I'm kind of tired, I have been traveling almost non-stop since November and maybe I should wait to be in a better shape for the WPT in LA next February; besides Tunica (Mississippi) is not precisely a city you're dying to go. So, I haven't made a decision, I still have some days to decide; in the mid time I'm planning to play some 20 internet tournaments between Saturday and Sunday.


jason said...


Why not try to find tournaments with better structures? Your choices of Tunica and LA intrigue me, because I know you're very good, and those are two of the fastest WPT structures. It would seem to me that you'd have better success in the slower tournaments, such as the Bellagio ones, or the upcoming one at the Borgata (which has a pretty sick structure).

Thanks for the thoughts you inspire in reading your blog.

David (sirio11) said...

Hey Jason,

Where can you find the structures for the tournaments? I visited the WPT page but couldn't find anything.

jason said...

Some of the tournaments post their structures in advance on the casino's website. For instance, the Borgata Winter Poker Open has their structures available on their website. Just click on details in that link.

I did some research on the World Poker Open and LA Poker Classic, but I wasn't able to find the structures. What I did find was people complaining about how quick the WPO was (they missed a couple of blind levels, apparently) and the LAPC seemed to have people drop like flies last year. I know the Bay 101 WPT event has the structure online, as well.

Hope it helped...

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