Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Back from Bahamas

The tournament in Bahamas was pretty uneventful. I was out the first day without playing basically any interesting hand. Maybe the only hand worth mentioning was my last one. With 150-300 blinds and 50 ante I was in the BB with about a 7k stack. The guy in the SB was a no show, so everybody folded to the button, and of course since I was the only one left he made the expected raise to 1100; I had KT, which is a pretty marginal hand; but the pot had 950 to begin with plus the 1100, and the guy in the button was most probably stealing. Maybe the best play in this spot is to go all in, but for some reason I decided to just call and check raise him in the flop if I have any pair; the flop came T96 rainbow and following my plan I checked, he asked how much I had and he went all in !!!! like 10k, covering me of course, that was just strange and I took my time to make a decision, my plan was to check raise, but now was to call or fold. After a while I couldn't find a fold and I called, he showed AA and no help for me in the turn and river and I was gone. Another dissapointing ending of course. In this tournament I felt kind of lost, I couldn't find my game and didn't feel confortable at all. I think I made at least 2 mistakes with pots that nobody wanted and it was just a matter of making the right bet and I didn't pull the trigger, not big pots, but still you need to take all the chips you can. In the 5 or 6 hours I played I had only one hand, I called a multiway pot with 88 in the button, flop came 875 with 2 clubs, like 5 people checked to me and I made a 1/2 pot bet, and nobody called !!. I also made a suckout when I was pretty short stacked, I went all in for like 3k and AK, KK called and I doubled up with the A in the flop; but that was it; no interesting hands to talk about. My next WPT stop will be Tunica in about a week, lets see if I can find my game then.

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