Sunday, January 22, 2006

Online Sunday

9:30 AM (MST) I wake up after sleeping about 5 hours.

10:00AM Start Playing Stars NL $360+20 Satellite to EPT France

11:25AM Out of the EPT, my streak of losing 80% or more continues, this is getting ridiculous. I was up to 3200 from the original 2500, I called in MP with T9c, flop was AJ7 and was checked around, turn 8 with no flush, so I have the nuts, somebody minibets, I raise, he reraises little, I reraise little, he calls. River a 7, and of course he made a full house with his A7 and I manage to just lose about 1000 in that hand, down to 2200.
Later I have AA in the SB, somebody raise to 200 in EP, a guy go all in for about 1700 in LP. I call, and original raiser calls !!. Flop come 972, I bet my last 500, and he calls with TT, the other donkey has AQ, so chances of tripling up are sky high. Turn 5, river T. Damm, these days I'm afraid to see cards appearing in the screen when I'm all in. Oh well, not a good way to start sunday but hopefully I keep playing my best.

12:00 PM Start playing the PokerRoom $300+20 and the Interpoker $500+30, first time I play Interpoker, hopefully it will be a lucky one.

2:00PM Out from PokerRoom, I was the chip leader in my table with 15k, guy in 2nd with 10k and everybody else with less than that when the following hand came up. I raise to 1200 (blinds 200-400) from EP with ATh, guy with 10k called. Flop was 2h3c5h; which is a pretty nice flop for my hand. I knew this guy was going to bet if I checked, but he could not call a big reraise. So I check, he bets like 5k, which was kind of odd but I was not going anywhere, I raised him all in and he called with AK !!!!; I still had 12 outs to win and 4 outs to tie, but missed all of them with 2 cards to come. He was the chip leader of the tourney after that hand and I was out shortly after when I was all in with the powerful 22 against JJ and AQ and the board came 8832J.

2:30PM Start playing the Big Sunday Stars and Party tournaments; still alive in the Interpoker $500

4:00PM Out from Party, don't even remember how. Just out from Interpoker, 94th out of 869, too many of these top 15% lately. The money was at 70; which was a good amount since they pay $2000. I think I made a long ball mistake similar to one I made yesterday in the $100 rebuys, bluffing flop, turn and river, it's not working. I need to rethink if they can fold the river after calling a big bet in the turn.


liquid73 said...

Its all good sirio, just keep focusing on your play, dont get frustrated. Youll for sure get a big win.

Enrique Treviño said...

I am tired of your lousy grammar. Take 10 minutes off from poker and work on how to conjugate verbs.

David (sirio11) said...

C'man quique, si yo no me canso de tus simplonadas, tu no deberias cansarte de mis conjugaciones.

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