Sunday, January 15, 2006

Reporting live my online Sunday

11AM (MST)
I started the day playing the Paradise Masters Championship. A $1000 tournament with one million guaranteed.
1st bad beat of the day, I raise with AA in MP, and somebody go all in with TT. I called and he won when he made a straight in the river. I'm down to about 700 of the original 2500, but short stack game it's one of my fortes.

12PM (MST)
I start playing the PokerRoom $300 and the Bodog $100.

1:30PM (MST)
I start playing the UB $500, another million guaranteed. Where all this money come from?

2:30PM (MST)
I start playing the PS $200, 500k guaranteed

3:00PM (MST)
I start playing the $360+20 satellite to the EPT France

5:00PM (MST)
Report so far

Paradise Masters, out 386 of 1457
PokerRoom out 64 of 301, they paid 40 places
Bodog out 67 out of 752, they paid 63 places
UB, still in with 8600 chips
Stars 500k, stil in with 17k good for 187 out of 785 left
Stars EPT, still in with 5k good for 50 out of 130 left

5:05 PM (MST)
I start playing the Party $500k Guaranteed

5:20 PM (MST) Update

Out of everything, nightmare report coming

Before the 5PM nightmare, this is the way I went out from the previous tournaments

Masters: Lost AA-TT all in preflop, leaving me shortstacked with 700
Triple up with A9d, back in action to about 2700
Built my stack to about 6k
Last hand: with 200-400 blinds, Donkey raises to 1200, I went all in with about 5500 and AQ, he made a terrible call with KQ and of course badbeat coming and I was out.

Bodog: I built a big stack with about 80 players left, then I made a very risky play versus another big stack with 88 in a JJ2 flop, he had QQ and I lost half my stack there. With about 67 players left, near the bubble (63); I had about 10k in LP and QJ, the BB had about 50k and was an aggressive player, I knew the chances of getting called were high, but I don't care, I need chips and not just making the money ($250). So I went all in, he called with 94 and I was out.

And between 5 and 5:20PM

Party: Blinds 10-15, 1st hour, somebody calls in EP, I have QQ on the button and raise to 200, I know they can't resist calling with their little pairs. So the 200 bet is made so they don't have the odds to flop a set and I'd go all in in a ragged flop so my hand looks like AK and they call me with their 99-22. He called, flop came T86, he checked, I went all in and he called with 66, gg me.

Stars: This tournament started with 4000 players !!!!. I cruised my way until the last 600 or so, and then with 600-1200 blinds I was happy to find AK with my 6k stack and went all in, I was called by AQ and you know what was coming; I was out 578 out of 3999. 378 places were paid.

UB Million: I had a pretty good stack (about 9k) when this hand came up. Blinds 100-200 I think. There were some callers, a raiser in LP and I called in the BB with 99; 4 people to the flop. The flop came Tc9h5s, I checked, original raiser bet about 3/4 the pot and I called. Heads up to the turn. The 3h came, I checked again and he went all in, and of course I called instantly. I had him covered by about 600. He had KhTh; the river was the Ah and I was gone in just a few minutes more.

EPT France: Here I made a mistake in my last hand (tilt maybe?). I raise in the button with J7h. BB called, flop came 872. BB checked, I bet, he raises and I went all in; I thought he was maybe on a draw, or he can not call with the 8 the all in bet, but he had 77 for a set, hard to fold I guess.

Well, after all those tourneys I played the Stars $100+9 Rebuys, here I lost AA-KJ all in on a KQ37 board. I spent $309 in this one and didn't make the money.

Later I played theEmpire $100 Rebuys, went deep but didn't make the money once again, 34 out of 182.

My last 3 tournaments of the day were the Paradise $30 Rebuys, the $200 Paradise Satellite to the WPT Bay 101 and the UB $150k Guaranteed.
In the Bay 101, my QQ run into KK when I had a pretty good stack against the only guy in the table that covered me. I had about 4500, blinds were 100-200 and I raised to 600 UTG, this guy has like 8k and he went all in ???, I thought about folding for a moment but in the long run I think it's +EV to call here.

I cashed in the other 2 tournaments, in the Paradise $30 Rebuys I was 38 out of 1313, I spent $90 in this one, and for outlasting 97% of the field I won a whopping $350.

And finally some redemption in the UB tourney, I made the Final Table and got 7th place out of 712 for a good $5250; in the FT I had AQ vs AA and at the end KQd vs KK, and of course didn't suck out. Of course I wanted to win, but it was just impossible and I really think I made the most of the cards I was dealt in this tourney.


Anonymous said...

Hey, this is interesting!.. a blog with a subtitle "Una perspectiva en Español del fantastico mundo del poker", and the last word in spanish is from 13 days ago!... :-) :-)

jejejeje, see you man!...

David (sirio11) said...

Supongo que no has leido todo el blog por eso el comentario, al principio estaba destinado el blog a ser puramente en Espanol, sin embargo, la mayoria de mis lectores hablan Ingles y no Espanol y los que hablan Espanol la mayoria entiende Ingles, por eso decidi escribir en ambos idiomas. Lo curioso es que cuando escribo en Espanol tenge gente diciendome que escriba en Ingles y cuando lo hago en Ingles aparecen comentarios como los tuyos. Supongo que el concepto de blog donde el blogger escribe de lo que le de la gana es dificil de entender.

Have a nice day

Anonymous said...

Jajajajaja.... pero no te enojes!!... ahora no sólo un jugador profesional, tambien un "blogger" profesional!!!...

Quien soy!?!?!.. jajaja

Enrique Treviño said...

No crees que jugar tantos torneos a la vez afecta seriamente?
Por ejemplo a las 5 estabas vivo en 3 torneos y luego te metes al party. Y en cada torneo era una diferente etapa. El estilo de juego en cada etapa es diferente, entonces podrias confundir jugadas (aunque ya tienes mucha experiencia con eso).
Como quiera si suena como que estaba dificil ser exitoso con tantos bad beats. Por cierto como quedaste al final? Esa mesa de UB fue suficiente para hacerlo un dia ganador?

David (sirio11) said...

El numero de torneos definitivamente es un issue. Me he fijado que 3 es el numero con el que me siento mejor, 3 o menos claro esta. Con 5 batallo mucho y con 4 me siento apresurado. Por lo tanto trato de programarme para jugar a lo mas 3 a la vez. Pero a veces avanzo mucho en todos los torneos como sucedio este domingo y es dificil decirle no a torneos tan buenos como el de Party. Pero si, a pesar de la experiencia, me afecto claramente en el torneo del EPT donde hice una jugada que no era de la etapa en la que se encontraba el torneo.

PuertoKid said...

Congrats on your final table in the UB 150K guaranteed. I had your table open and was watching you. You and I were about the same stack size when all the sudden you jumped way up to over 30k in a few hands. I went out close to the bubble, but was glad to see you push to the final table.

Also watched you play the Party 500K. I went out something like 5 from the bubble when I got all in on the flop with an overpair against a flush draw. Of course the flush draw hits.

I'm glad I got to meet you in Bahamas (I'm the one who introduced myself and my wife--who is from Spain). You are one of my favorite players to watch online.

Good luck!

David (sirio11) said...

Hey Puertokid !

Yes, I remember you and your wife from Bahamas.
Looks like you have a good Sunday with those 2 bubbles. Of course we want always to win, but if you are going deep constantly in the tourneys, most probably you're doing the right things and it's just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

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