Friday, January 08, 2010

Where have the fish gone?

To say the online poker No Limit games here in the States are tough is an understatement, they are damn hard and most of the time you're playing against regulars, most of the time against the SAME guys on all your tables, since almost all regulars multitable. I'm trying to learn how to play a lot of tables, I'm not a fan of multitabling since I think it has done a lot of damage to online poker, but I don't think the big sites are going to do anything about it, so I better learn how to do it, it has been a expensive lesson, but I'm on my way, I think I can handle 10 tables now, but still if the rest of the players are pretty good then what's the point. Hopefully I'm wrong and there's still money to be made online, buy boy, it is tough; since I'm pretty stubborn one thing that is good of all this, it makes me study and work harder, since I don't want to be the "bad regular", I want to beat all of them, lets see how it goes, but if I don't see a big change online, probably I just play more live.

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