Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Live Poker is much better than Internet Poker, I mean if you enjoy having fun

What a night yesterday at Aria, it was full of good poker action, playing 2-5 NL and I was involved in so many good hands to fill the remainder of the year on the blog.
For example one hand I raised preflop with JJ, 2 callers, flop came QJ9, I have a pretty good hand right?, well, I folded in the flop after a bet, call, raise, reraise, all in, all in, fold !!! (my actions bolded), the other 2 guys happened to have QQ and KT !!!!; another one when I was "trapping" with the same JJ and a board QJ447, raising the guy in the river, just the "correct" amount and just being called with QQ !!!!. Another one preflop with a raise, reraise, rereraise, call!, and me going all in and doing my best AA impersonation, making both of them fold !!
I won't tell the details of this and other hands right now, but I do want to make this point. Hands like this is why we love poker, and it's a hell of a lot different to experience them live than online, live all the action mounting, all the decisions, the whole table excited, the all ins, the agonizing sick fold, the agonizing sick call,looking into the souls of your opponents, the trash talk, the mind games, the word games, analyzing all your options, just being there !!!, I guess all that beats the hell of "Honey, can you believe what just happened" (that's when you're one of the lucky ones, some have to settle with talking to their dog about the incredible poker hand).
I know internet poker and live poker are two different animals, hell yeah, just saying live is way, way more fun than online.

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