Monday, December 07, 2009

I hate folding trips on the flop, but it was the right thing to do, or so I think

This Saturday, Sunday morning I arrived at The Winn to play 2-5 NL at 1AM, I started winning but at the end after some 11 hours it would be a disastrous session, pretty good table but I just couldn't win; I've been there, so I just need to suck it up and hope to have better luck next time.
The most interesting hand was the following:

UTG raised to $15, everybody called and I had 87o in LP, so I called with the rest of the table, family pot.

Flop: 7h7d2h

pretty nice, exactly what I want, UTG bet $20, UTG+1 raised to $80 !!, folded to me, I didn't think much of his raise, but I wanted to price the flushes over there, my options were call or raise, the original raiser was a bad player and if he had a big pair he was going to play his stack with that flop, I opted for raising, and I did it t $215, now the fun came, the next guy pondered my reraise and flat called !!!!, damn, I did't like it at all, but then the button guy went all in for like $1600, what???, what the fuck, folded to me, pretty big pot by now and I had about $600 left, so I thought my chances now where pretty, pretty slim to win and most possible I was way behind (one of the two HAS TO have 22 or something like A7 right?), so I decided to fold, next guy since he had more than $1000 behind agonized to make the decision and at the last moment decided to call his stack with 74s !!!!
Button guy had AQh !!!!!, blanks (Td and Kc) on the turn and river and 74s guy won a monster pot. It was the most commented hand of the night, everybody commenting about if button's decision to go AI was terrible or just pretty bad, if my decision to fold was right and if 74s guy decision to call was the right move.
Pretty, pretty interesting to analyze the 3 decisions, what do you think?


Fuel55 said...

Im fine with your fold.

AQ's raise is fine - he's repping the nuts.

74 call is horrible but at least he's closing the action, which you werent.

David (sirio11) said...

To be fair with the 74s guy, he noticed that I "kind of show" what I was folding, so he must have imagined I was folding a 7.