Monday, October 01, 2007

WCOOP Main Event

I'm too tired to post now, but let me tell you I played yesterday like 12 hours straight and got 111th place (out of 2998) in the $2,600 Main event of the WCOOP, I won $11,242.50 for my efforts. It is such a ridiculous tourney, 1st place was a whopping $1,378,330.50; damn !!!, more than a million dollars in an internet poker tournament, just amazing. As I'm typing this, the tournament is still running !!!!, as you can see in the picture above, running for almost 21 hours !!!! just wow, such an amazing tournament, I think I played pretty well and make some tough decisions, and some good creative plays that worked, and in general I'm happy with my result. I almost don't play it, but some internet friends convinced me to do it by buying whatever action I was willing to sell. I cashed 2 times in the WCOOP (out of 11,12?), but by far, the Main Event was my best tournament, the one I feel the most relaxed and happy with my decisions.

Here are the payouts:

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