Thursday, October 04, 2007

My Fantasy Baseball season

I'm really proud of this league (I'm Resurgam Hicetnunc), I just destroyed the competition, it's just amazing winning 7 out of 10 categories in a 12 owner Rotisserie Fantasy Baseball League. Damn, I owned these guys :)

This year I played 2 Fantasy baseball leagues with the following results, 1 out of 12 (4 paid) and 4 out of 13 (5 paid). So, with my 2006 fantasy league I'm now 3 for 3 on fantasy baseball cashes. This is the breakout of the money won this year:

1st place F2: +$1200
4th place F1: +$200
Fees F2: -$250
Fees F1: -$200
Sidebets F1: -$400
Sidebets F2: +$400

So I won $950 for my fantasy baseball addiction.

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