Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cash sessions and a good sports betting month

Cleveland won again and won the series against the Yankees, also since I have Cleveland and Boston, I already secured a good profit in the AL Pennant, just with Cleveland alone almost erase my loses on a 10-20 NL terrible session I had (-2 buy ins), one night I just couldn't sleep and decided to play 10-20 NL (??) for the first time, what a time to start, I couldn't sleep but I was tired for sure, and decided to gamble high stakes !!!! (and yes it was a dumb gamble) and of course I got killed since I'm not in that level yet, but thanks to Cleveland and winning all my sessions after that in lower limits from 2-4 to 5-10 NL, that night has been forgotten.
I'm leaving town today, heading to Monterrey, I'm going to the meeting of the Mexican Mathematical Society at the UANL, I'll give a talk there (program 35:10) about how to beat the odds and showing some examples using mathematics in poker and gambling in general. I have several good examples and I really expect the talk to be successful and I'm pretty sure plenty of people will attend, since gambling (and how to make some money of it) is not a topic well known in Mexico and I'm sure it will generate some interest, hopefully my ideas will be clear and everybody who attends will enjoy it.

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