Friday, August 31, 2007

Vivir en 4 ciudades

Diana y yo estamos planeando algo que puriera parecer algo aventurado y la verdad quien sabe si lo lleguemos a realizar. El plan es, vivir en 4 diferentes ciudades el proximo año, para asi tener una idea de cual ciudad nos gustaria establecernos, esto es, pensando en el futuro de nuestros hijos.
Hasta ahora tenemos varias candidatas, parece que 2 son seguras: Chicago y Vancouver/Seattle, teniendo que decidir otras 2, en los foros de 2+2 puse un thread acerca de esto y me dieron muy buena sugerencias

Digamos que algunos de los criterios son:

- We want to live near a big metropolitan area (this is not in the middle of Nebraska)

- We prefer a multi-ethnic city (like Toronto)

- We want a good educational system for the kids

- We prefer a progressive city, but still family oriented (Is that possible?), we have liberal views on general, but we really value a community where family values are important.

- We prefer US cities, but maybe Canada is ok; Europe a distant possibility

- Too hot (temperature) is bad, so 100+ cities (Phoenix?) are not eligible; near water is better (lake, river or sea), near forest is also good

- Not outrageously expensive cost of living cities is better, higher than average is ok

- Plenty of parks and museums please

- Cities not hated by mother Nature

- Cities whose citizens are very respectful of the law

- Professional Sports team is a plus :)

El plan es algo aventurado, pero ojala y lo podamos llevar a cabo, eso es uno de los beneficios de ser un jugador profesional de poker online, que puedes vivir literalmente donde tu prefieras.


ray said...

Denver -

amazing city parks and bike trails

Anonymous said...

hey david, found your blog by surfing web. when you coming out to costa rica? let me know.

we're having a big tourney here in costa rica oct 20-28 in jaco beach. all info can be found on hope you can make it.


good luck in your play

David (sirio11) said...

Ray, I went to Vail with my wife and really love it.

Mike, are you Russia Mike?, wow, long time no see you man, still living in CR?

ray said...

Damn i dunno about Vail, not as diversified I would say, but how about Golden Co...30 minutes away from downtown Denver.

I think you live in El Paso right?...Well have you seen these so called "bike trails" they have been putting up all over the city. It pisses me off so much. These bike trails are just death wishes. THey just paint a white line on the side of the road(Yarbrough and other heavily driven roads), and a sign every other block. And like magic they call this progress, so we can stay off the "Fattest City in America" list.

But in Denver...ive taken trails that start in one park, and end up on the other side of the city. And these parks have streams .. lakes ridiculously nice.

I had to sell my bike when I came back down here. Sad

David (sirio11) said...

Lol Ray,

But you're absolutely right, we did a bike trail in Vail, some miles down the mountains, pretty nice. Ha, nothing to do with El Paso ones, I don't remember the last time I used a bike in El Paso.

PL_layla said...

muy bonito blog aunque en ingles ,me pondre a estudiar mas tu idioma y la CD q me han dicho es hermosa la vida en chicago !!!

Saludos amigo !!!