Monday, September 03, 2007

AK and a short-medium stack

Another mistake I think I use to make a lot, it's when I have AK, let's say on MP with a 10-17x stack, the stack may be too big to go all in, but if I make the usual raise to 3x and got called by somebody on the button for example. I have a hard time playing the flop, the pot has about 8x and you have 7x-14x left. Lets say 3 rags come, my mistake is I go all in a little too much in this situation just to be called by any pair, so, there must be a better way to play the AK here, shove preflop?, check-fold flop, mini-scare bet flop?, and of course I'm assuming you know nothing about your opponent.
What to do?, please do tell me, I play very bad the AK missed flop, I should say in general, but specially when I don't have a big stack.


Ray said...

i would just go all in, if u have someone calling your 3x, chances are they have a decent hand and might consider your all in thinking you might not have that strong of a hand, and might call you with a weak Ace, or a I say just got all in, and if you just win the blinds thats better than folding or going all in on a nasty bluff. If someone reraises you, would you go all in?....i think probably you would, so I say just go all in.

Todd said...

It is a tough spot. If you're in EP, you could always limp- hope for a raiser in LP- then shove allin.

Or, in LP- hopefully there will be a raise or some limpers in front of you, in which shoving will be fine.

Hopefully you can trap an AJ or AQ in there.