Monday, July 16, 2007

My 2 most important calls in the WSOP NLH #1500

There were many key hands in that tourney, obviously there should be, if you're going to navigate through 2800 players. 2 of the most important ones were 2 difficult calls I made after analyzing the logic of the plays and my opponents for a while.
I'll try to remember the details as accurate as I can.

With blinds 500-1000-100 I was in the SB with a 43k stack, a lady in her 40's kind of new to the table was in the big blind with around 31k. I had been fairly active on the table. Folded to me in the SB, I saw 32o, of course with such a monster I called and she checked.

Flop came Qh5d2h and I proceeded to bet 2000, she called. Mmmmmm, in my mind she have a flush draw or a pair.

Turn came 7h completing the flush, I decided to represent the flush myself and fired 6000, she called. Now I am done, or am I?

River is the 8h, putting 4 hearts in the board, I kind of remember I have one heart, but I checked, now she went all in 22k instantly, what the fuck?

I checked my cards and effectively I had the 3h, and now I proceeded to analyze the evidence and stare at her once in a while, I was on seat 10 she was at seat 1. For some reason her instant all in bet just didn't add up, and the more I stared at her, the more she looked nervous, but what kind of nervous, maybe Qc6h nervous?, nah, after a while I counted my chip to notice I would have only around 13k if I called and lost and based on my read she didn't want me to call the more time it passed, I said call, she flipped Qc8c for 2 pairs ?? Was she valuebetting?; since I covered her, she excited and I rake a nice pot with my 3 high flush.

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