Saturday, July 07, 2007

Flying to the Big Dance

I'm here at El Paso airport, waiting for my Southwest flight to Vegas, I just booked it yesterday along with my hotel room and a car rental (so I don't have to walk under the 115 degrees sun). The main event is already under way, many people was already eliminated yesterday on Day 1A, I'm starting tomorrow on Day 1C and as usual, I'm pretty excited, playing the Main Event is a great adventure, no matter the result. Hopefully I'll post some interesting things from Vegas and from the tournament, but as usual just wishful thinking, I'm a terrible blogger. I have so many interesting hands from my cash in the $1500 NL, I played there more than 24 hours and there were some amazing hands, material enough to fill at least this blog for a week. I haven't played barely any poker since that tourney, I've played some online 5-10 NL 6-handed hands, but that's about it. Still I feel pretty good and in the mood to have a good tourney.

P.S. I'm already missing my family, it's weird to travel without them.

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