Monday, September 04, 2006

Want $1000 ?

I have not played almost at all, I have not written, basically I have not done anything, anxiety attacks and depression got the best of me these days; I'll probably make a post about this in the future.
I just want to tell you right now about this bet. There is a sportsbook that is offering a sick promotion on the Pittsburgh-Miami game next Thursday, you need to bet $1,100 US dollars to Pittsburgh, if Pittsburgh wins, you win $1000 dollars, and the beauty is that if Miami wins then the sportsbook refunds you your $1,100 and you lose $0. Incredible !!. Too good to be true, yes, but it is, I have done some research and it looks like a legit bet and promotion and it does make sense for the sportsbook from a marketing point of view. So, if you have $1,100 in your Neteller account or have $1,100 you can use, this is it, even if you don't bet sports (I don't); this promotion is just too good to miss. If you want to do it, please follow this link to the promotion, you can read the details in the home page. Basically you need to open an account, fund your account with $1,100 and make the bet in the sportsbook (don't confuse with the sports exchange, the bet has to be made in the sportsbook). You also need to bet exactly $1,100 to Pittsburgh with the line such that you will win $1000 and you can't hedge (making a bet to Miami). The value of this promotion is easily $500; I made it when the line was PIT -5, but since "Big Ben" (the PIT QB) had surgery yesterday, he won't play next Thursday, so the line today is EVEN, a great line for the people doing the bet today and of course pretty bad news for all of us who already made the bet at -5. Hopefully you have the money to make it. It's one of those rare pretty good promotions that happen from time to time.
Now, back to my hole.


PokerBarney said...

Nice tip, thanks!

I enjoyed reading your WSOP experiences, and felt great sympathy for the KK vs AT hand. Getting beat by a little old lady is never good :)

I esepcially enjoyed the post on WSOP ME payout structures, and made a post on my blog about it that you might be interested to read.

Anyway, cheers :)

lethalphorce said...

Don't go back in your hole. I enjoy reading your blog. Chin up!

TitoSantana said...

Brother you are being missed at 2p2. someone made a post about where is Sirio in the MTT comm forum. How are you?

Is this mansion poker bet legit? sounds too good to be true, but I know Sirio is not a scammer. Maybe I will do it, it basically sounds like free money. thanks. Ariba!

Enrique Treviño said...

2+2 and the blog readers miss you.

David (sirio11) said...

Well, looks like they just took it off the promotion from their site.
Good luck to all of us who made the bet on time.


Enrique Treviño said...

Woo hoo.
The celebration post is a little late, but your blog is so seldomly updated, that I guess it is ok to post comments late.

Eduardo Gonzalez said...

David ya no esa jugando nada, se me hace dificil imaginarte sin estar jugando, porque el abandono del blog???
Lo de la reunion ya no sigue o si?

Suerte en lo que estes haciendo....te mando saludar Fernando de la 15/30 de Speaking rock....lo vi en el caliente saliste al tema y me dijo que te conocia....x


David (sirio11) said...

Saludame a Fernando si lo ves Eduardo. Ya empece a jugar otra vez en la WCOOP, espero poder hacer updates mas frecuentes en el blog.